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Opening Day of Fishing Season in Mono County

Opening Day of Fishing Season on Crowley Lake

Photo © Rick E. Martin

Description of Event

The last Saturday in April of each year marks the opening of fishing season in Mono County. Thousands of anglers from around the west flock to the pristine mountain lakes, rivers and streams of the Eastern Sierra in hopes of catching the big one! During opening weekend anglers can participate in the Monster Fish contest in June Lake or the Sierra Opener at Crowley Lake. Anglers celebrate and even eat their catch at Tom's Place Fishmas Day party or at the Walker community Fish Fry.

Admission Fee (if any): CA Fishing License

For More Information, Contact:

Mono County Tourism Commission
PO Box 603, Mammoth Lakes , CA 93546
toll-free 800-845-7922

R C wrote on July 11, 2015: The Eastern Sierras. My personal church where I can finally feel at peace and talk to my creator. The senses of my body are finally re-adjusted and I can see, smell, hear, and feel again. The beauty of the mountains, trees, lakes, snow, all of Mother Nature pleases me. The smell of the pine and sharpness of the biting frigid wind on my face and numbing fingers as I struggle to thread my line through my light tackle. It seemed so easy when I was a boy but at age 50, it didn’t matter because I have the patience I didn't have as a youngster. Will I catch a fish? I usually do. I usually catch my limit but it never matters to me. I will be just as happy if I don't. It's the whole experience I enjoy.

Paul Kaufman wrote on February 14, 2014: This is Paul again. I`m starting to get the Sierra Opener(2014) itch.I think Spring is coming sooner than expected.Started to go through my tackle and gear. Got my reservations already and starting to hurry up and wait!Hopefully there will be more snowfall before the opener?! I will tell you, the best thing my Dad ever did was to take me to the Mammoth lakes area when I was a boy. I look sooooo forward going there every year! Expanding my fishing trips more and more throughout the Sierra. Good fishing to all.

Roch Spalka wrote on April 25, 2013: My parents took me to a trailer near Tom’s Place every summer during my childhood. A few times I was able to take childhood friends along on our 2 week fishing excursions. Now 35 years later one of those friends (who has kept up the tradition) invited me to join him. Ah the circle of life.

Eric Brueckner wrote on April 24, 2013: The place to be is Bridgeport - less crowds and bigger fish. I have gone every year for the past 25 years and have never been let down. You can camp on the lake and catch big browns or fat rainbows.

Daniel Acker wrote on April 03, 2013: I caught myself day dreaming in my car this afternoon as I made my way through the busy streets of Los Angeles on another work day. For a short moment I saw my favorite Eastern Sierra Lake scenario, a darting chipmunk moving faster than lightning spawns my inner child to giggle, I can almost taste the dutch oven cooked biscuits with sausage gravy as the sun takes its sweet time breaking the horizon to warm the shoreline gravel, I can smell the sweet freshness of Aspen and pine trees and hear the choir of whispering chords created by the afternoon breeze through the treetops, the singing drag of my microlight spinning reel plays my song as a brilliantly colored rainbow trout tail walks across the glass-like surface of ........sigh! Hurry Opening Day, hurry!

Paul Kaufman wrote on March 05, 2013: I love going to the Eastern Sierra opener. I have fished the Sierra since I was 10 years old (now 65) and I still get excited every time I go! The opener is the special time of the year for me, but the Fall fishing is awesome too! The clean air full of pine smell, crystal clear lakes and streams full of trout and snowy majestic mountains! The count down begins and I will be there soon! Good fishing to all. Paul

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Longitude: -119.007682800
Latitude: 37.620214300
Elevation: 8606 FT (2623 M)
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