Alabama Hills Horseback Rides

In all seasons the Alabama Hills offer captivating scenery. From fall movie history, winter's sweeping vistas and snow capped Sierra backdrops to spring wildflower shows - you can see it all riding Horseback through the Hills.

The Alabama Hills offer plenty of fascinating movie history that is best seen the same way your cowboy heroes saw it, by horseback! Ride where Gene, Hoppy, Roy and the Lone Ranger chased the bad guys through the rocks. See where John Wayne made his last film appearance, where 'How the West Was Won' captured the grand landscapes of the west or where Hopalong Cassidy hid from a band of renegades!

Enjoy the movie history backed by stunning Sierra views and incredible rock formations that inspire and intrigue. Guides share their knowledge of the area such as , knowledge of wildflowers, movie locations, local legends or history!

Our livestock is well cared for, pleasant and safe. We provide the guide and horses.  Also, for those who request, we provide one our locally famous surefooted mules, known for their unique personalities, hardiness, and smooth travel.

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Latitude: 36.5912737 Longitude: -118.0947876 Elevation: 4425 ft
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Areas of Service and Expertise

We have been offering trail rides and filming support in the Alabama Hills as well as much of the Eastern Sierra for over 35 years. Additionally we offer horseback and wagon rides at the Annual Lone Pine Film Festival held in October. Trail rides offered October - early May.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

We provide horseback trail rides through the Hills to movie locations and spectacular sights, hayrides, wagon rides, western style hayrides, barbecues, western style concerts, and multi-day western camps with local cattle ranches for larger groups. We plan unique 3 and 4 day outings for corporate retreats, family reunions, re-enactment groups or any large or small group.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Horseback riding is the original Eco-friendly vacation. Leave behind the vehicle and enjoy a low carbon method of transportation!


I've heard about the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine and thought it would be interesting to explore by horseback the place where so many old western movies were filmed. After visiting this site, I'm definitely putting it on my to do list!

Valerie, 8/3/2010

Any horseback rides through the western movie sites during the weekend of the Lone Pine Film Festival this October? I'd love to ride in the Hills. I am a decent rider in the past-beginner level. , 6/14/2017

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