Alturas Country Jam

Fred Cray, who likes to jam with other musicians in Quartzite, Arizona during the winter months got to thinking that there were plenty of musicians in Alturas, where he and his wife live most of the year. Making a list of musically talented people, he contacted them and there was enough interest to get a country music jam started in this small northeastern California town. Fred, a disabled American Veteran, contacted the local Veterans office and made them an offer. If they could have a music jam that was open to the public on a donation only basis, the jammers would donate the money collected to help maintain the huge American flag that flies above Main Street. Fred's offer was accepted. He then talked Ron McIntyre into being the emcee and Dick Klassen into helping. That was 12 years ago and they've been making music every Monday night since.

Like a little country music? There's live music every Monday night from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Country Jam held at the Veteran's Memorial Hall at 500 South Main St. in Alturas.

Want to sing with a gal who grew up singing with the Sons of the Pioneers and Gene Autry? Old time country music and just good old fashioned yodeling are this 90 year old woman's forte. You might hear a story or two about the good old days too.

Or perhaps your favorite is the gravelly voice of Johnny Cash? One of the founders of this Country Jam can sing almost identically to the legend. If you prefer rock and roll, our own Wild Bill can roll with the best of them.  Larry has the blue grass style down pat. These are just a few of the local characters who appear weekly at the Country Jam.  Anyone can play or sing any style.

Children are welcome too so bring your guitar, mandolin, spoons, harmonica or just about anything else and join in the Country Jam. For the less brave just sitting in the audience, singing and clapping with the music gets the performers in the act. This down home music has been delighting listeners every Monday night in Alturas since April 1999.

At the break time, you can chat with the local musicians while enjoying some snacks.


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Jean Bilodeaux

Admission Fee

Donations requested, usually $1 or $2

Ages Event is Appropriate For

All ages are welcome

ADA Accessibility Notes

ADA accessible

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets please


I've been attending the Monday night Country Jam since 1999, when I moved to Alturas. It has given me countless hours of entertainment and many close friends. I have learned to play the Autoharp and love the bond music has made in my life. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement to keep learning!

Lynne Staub, 10/6/2011

My friend Joe Ontiveros likes to play his harmonica at the Country Jam and has made lots of friends over the years. For a man who is 94 years old he does a pretty good job.and i think the people love to hear him play. Thanks to the Country Jam for giving this outlet to let everyone who loves music to join in their Monday night festivities.

Betty Howe, 10/6/2011

I started coming to the jam several years ago and have enjoyed the jam very much. I play guitar and love to play Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, and Roy Clark styles of lead and of course my own style as well. Have much to learn still yet, and the jam gives me that opportunity to play with others in their own unique styles of playing and singing. I love the good friendly atmosphere and being with my jam friends as often as possible.

Jerry L Marcum, 10/7/2011

For all these years Fred and I have enjoyed our Country Jam.We’ve gotten to know a lot of wonderful people. Besides keeping the flag pole in good condition,we are also keepers of the flag. We have two of our volunteers that raise the flag the first of every month.(Roger Parks & Wild Bill Caffee).We have approx.13 merchants in town that have purchased flags for us at 600.00 each.We Thank the American Legion Aux.for their generous donations and our weekly audience for their donations.We appreciate every one for all they do to keep to keep the Jam going. Most we want to Thank Jean Bilodeaux for the wonderful lay-out of our history.

Arlene Cray:, 10/7/2011

Mel and I really enjoyed making music at the country jam whenever we visited Alturas. Mel plays the mandolin and guitar and I play the washboard and tambourine. We did mostly bluegrass and train songs. We made some wonderful friends and had such good times Poor health keeps us away now but we treasure all the memories.

Joan Harris and Mel McCormick, 10/12/2011

I just recently began attending the Monday night jams, and have come to enjoy it very much. It is the highlight of my week, and I learn so many interesting things about the music, and those that play it! I have made many friends, and even though I am very much their junior, being only 18 years of age, I am always cordially welcomed, and treated very warmly by all those that attend! I am so blessed to be able to play with so many great musicians who are willing to spend the time to patiently help me hone my musical abilities. God bless the Cray's for starting this great event, and all those who attend and keep this great musical experience going every week!

Jess Baremore, 10/15/2011

Keep up the good work. Sounds like your principles are the same as ours. Check us out at love your sign....

Reg from Westman Jams in Shilo Manitoba, 10/30/2011

Marie is 90 years old and has been my friend for seventy years. She sang ALL the time. She is a very happy lady that went through a surgery almost every year and battled cancer--- she is just remarkable!!!!

agnes pronzini, 4/24/2012

I participated in the Country Jam for about 5 years before I had to move to Flagstaff. I made many friends and loved the music. I miss it very much. I've been away for 5 years and still haven't found anything close to it. Great people and fun--best time you'll ever have.

Doree Stone, 11/4/2012

I used to live in Adin and is back for the summer( at least) and love going to sing with the group. Those guys know every song there is and can back me up no matter what key I sing in. Love those people. The wheel in the older and people in wheel chairs to be part of the audience!

Kirsten Petersen, 6/18/2018

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