Amador Vintage Market

The Wheeler Brothers Store was founded by Lester Wheeler and his brother Verne in 1924, and was originally across the street. In 1928 they moved to this location (at left) eventually replacing the smaller store and a saloon next to it with this hand-built brick building in 1938. The support posts and the floor are hewn from virgin red fir, and the basement still houses the well that once provided natural spring water to customers.

The sons of Norman E. Wheeler sold a range of items including their own smoked hams cured out back. The Wheeler building housed the town grocery store and many other businesses. The current renovation began in 2004 and included restoring the full store front windows to face Main Street and rediscovering the red fir floors . It is a deli,restaurant ,wine tasting venue.

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Latitude: 38.48139 Longitude: -120.848176 Elevation: 1081 ft
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Hours Open

Wednesday through Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Seasons Open

Open all year

Price Style for this Establishment

Culinary delights for a great price!

Eco-Friendly Notes

Eco-friendly disposable plates, cutlery and napkins

Pet Friendly Notes

Outside dining area only.


Incredibly delicious sandwiches at this deli. Great place to eat if you're visiting Shenandoah Valley wineries. Or buy their to go box lunch and eat at one of the many wineries that have picnic areas.

Jo Ann Aiello, 2/1/2016

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