Bennettville and the Mine Creek Drainage

There are several ways to access this trail. The most common is to start at the trailhead located at the entrance to the Junction Meadow Campground, which is located at the junction of the Tioga Pass Road and the Saddlebag Lake Road.

The trail is probably best described as moderate -- there are a few steeper, rocky sections, but by and large the trail is remarkably easy. Note, however, the trail starts at over 9,500 feet elevation, and goes up from there, so be prepared for high elevation.

The historic townsite of Bennettville is located about a mile from the trailhead. The town "lived" from the late 1870s until the early 1880s, and was created to facilitate mining. At one time, the founders envisioned a city of 50,000 people. After a few harsh winters, they learned their visions were unattainable, and the town was left to rot. Two buildings (restored by the US Forest Service) still exist.

From Bennettville, hikers can continue on up the Mine Creek drainage, passing stunning high mountain lakes as the trail ascends towards Mt. Conness. This is great bang-for-your-buck hiking, and takes you in to newly dedicated Wilderness areas.

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Latitude: 37.938545 Longitude: -119.250884 Elevation: 9541 ft
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Vertical Gain or Loss

Up to about 750 feet gained on the way up, more if you want.

Trail Distance

1 to 10 miles


Great hike, good climb out, lots of views!

Sharon Coolidge, 1/12/2014

One of my favorite day trips, I use the old wagon road, then sometimes make the whole loop to the Saddlebag Road.

Russ, 11/21/2014

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