Bravo Lake Botanical Garden Walking Tour

Bravo Lake Botanical Garden is California’s cornucopia. The ten acre facility features an “agricultural theme” characteristic of the farming region and heritage. With more than one mile of gardens, visitors walking, bicycling, and in wheelchairs are treated to (depending on the season) a lavish display of roses, sunflowers, flowering fruit trees and tidy rows of colorful fresh vegetables. The gardens provide the most unique setting to see, smell and taste the best of California’s fruits and vegetables. 

From May to October, the gardens display exquisite fruit collections of citrus, grapes, peaches, plums, cherries, apricots, selected vegetables and many others.  The rose gardens, with more than 100 varieties, are most beautiful April to May and September to October.  Tastings, open house events and other special activities are held throughout the spring and summer.  For specific dates, check the City of Woodlake and the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce websites.

The gardens are a partnership between the Woodlake Pride Inc. and City of Woodlake.  The City of Woodlake provides the land and water. Woodlake Pride Inc. has been “growing kids” in the gardens for more than 15 years. Adult volunteers of Woodlake Pride mentor youth with outdoor learning and volunteer opportunities. The youth are involved in every facet of the gardens from planning, planting, maintaining and harvesting the gardens.  Annually, the youth grow between 10,000 and 20,000 flower and vegetable transplants.

The garden is located in the City of Woodlake on Valencia Blvd. near Magnolia Street. and is approximately 25 miles from the Sequoia National Park entrance. The City is intersected by highways CA- 216 (Naranjo Blvd.) and CA- 245 (Valencia Blvd.).  Five miles from Woodlake, CA-216 intersects with CA- 198 which is then taken eastward to Sequoia National Park.

Season Open: Bravo Lake Botanical Garden is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May through October. Check the city and chamber websites for current information.

Visitor Fees: No fees are charged to enter Bravo Lake Botanical Garden. However, donations are appreciated!

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Latitude: 36.4182544 Longitude: -119.0986438 Elevation: 443 ft
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Manuel Jimenez

Length of Walking Tour

1.2 miles


Wow! Went to the gardens today for the Berry Tasting Event and it was wonderful! The berries were delicious and I was even able to pick some to take home! I didn't know of this jewel in the valley. The gardens are amazing and I will definitely be returning for more trail walking and admiration of the different plants-such as Papaya, artichokes, and the variety of berries!!!

Maggie, 6/11/2011

This inspiring community garden is a treat for ALL your senses. Absolutely worth a visit. What a great thing for a small town to do!

Laurie Schwaller, 9/26/2011

We enjoyed the botanical garden so much that we came back a second time this spring, and my husband (who brought a friend with him) drove up to Woodlake just today to show his friend the garden. We wish that Manuel and his wife had been there today, but we will come back again. Inspirational!

Marjorie (and Evan) Bell from Bakersfield, 5/21/2012

To see a video of Manuel and Olga Jimenez telling the story of Bravo Lake Botanical Garden, and to learn more about the Garden, visit; go to the Treasure Tales tab and find Bravo Lake on the drop-down menu. It’s a wonderful story told by wonderful people!

Laurie Schwaller, 1/3/2015

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