Brown's English Toffee & Celtic Candies

Located in the historic gold rush era hamlet of Fiddletown in the Shenandoah Wine Region, Brown's English Toffee & Celtic Candies features handcrafted gourmet English Toffee along with candies that represent six of the seven Celtic Nations.

You can browse through the small shop that features handmade items from local artisans to Fiddletown T-shirts and more, while watching the various candies being made.  Using only the highest quality, and natural ingredients.  We do not use any preservatives in the making of our candies.

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Latitude: 38.504474 Longitude: -120.758984 Elevation: 1677 ft
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Seasons Open

Closed Tuesday and Wednesday Hours 11am-5pm Thursday to Monday

ADA Accessibility Notes

Wheelchair accessible


Pet Friendly Notes

Service animals that are trained to perform a specific task are welcome.  

Emotional support and pets are not permitted inside due to health codes and this being an active working kitchen

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