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Jana Botkin
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Latitude: 36.4556911 Longitude: -118.8815841 Elevation: 1076 ft
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Jana Botkin


The private studio of a local representational artist, Cabinart focuses on the beauty of the Southern Sierra. The artist, Jana Botkin, works in both pencil and in oil paint.

Full Explanation

As a native of Tulare County, the purpose of my art is to record the beauty of the place I have always called home, focusing primarily on Three Rivers and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. As a Sierra Nevada artist, I work from photographs that I take all around the southern Sierra Nevada region.

Pencil: My career began with drawing the cabins of Mineral King, an isolated community in the southern end of Sequoia. I love capturing the rusticity and detail of those quaint little structures! For that reason, I call my studio cabinart. For many years I have turned my drawings into note cards and reproduction prints that are available for sale at several area locations and through my studio and website. Many original drawings are also for sale from the studio. I teach private drawing lessons which can be scheduled as part of your visit to the Southern Sierra. 

 Oil Painting: Working small on wrapped canvas allows me to keep prices low and to have a large selection of paintings available for sale. You can usually see a painting of the Kaweah Post Office in progress, along with paintings of the Giant Sequoias, oranges, and river scenery. Commissions are welcomed, which make nice mementos of vacations to the Southern Sierra Nevada region.

Murals: There are murals on several of the outside walls of my studio. This was where I learned large scale painting in preparation for the two murals of Mineral King I painted in the town of Exeter, just 25 miles down the hill from my studio. My murals in Three Rivers are on the South Fork Fire Station water tank, at Sequoia Outdoor Sports and on a storage container at the First Baptist Church.

Hours Open: The studio is open by appointment only. Please call or email to make arrangements and get directions.

Local shows and vendors: My studio is a regular participant in the Three Rivers Artists' Biennial Studio Tour. and in the Redbud Arts and Crafts Festival. Some of my work can be viewed and purchased at Colors and The Red Barn. In addition, Three Rivers Bed & Breakfast has several of my drawings displayed in their entryway.


... just beautiful -

Diane Foreman Gladieux, 2/18/2011

Very nice presentation Jana.

Julie Britten Bruns, 2/18/2011

Website looks quite good!

Roland, 2/18/2011

Jana is a very talented artist and it is well worth the trip to Three Rivers to see her great drawings and paintings of the beautiful countryside.

Betsy Peterson, 2/18/2011

I completely envy someone who can draw as well as Jana can. I first saw her reproduction of the General Grant Sequoia, the Nation's Christmas Tree, in the National Park Store, and fell in love with it (since I collect Christmas trees). I plan to commission some original art from her to commemorate my vacation there.

Becky Craun, 2/18/2011

Jana's art has helped me fall in love with our area! I love her art work.

Peggy Lambert, 2/18/2011

Love your work, Jana. The website does a great job introducing newcomers to your work!

Elaine Marshburn, 2/18/2011

This is a great sight! What more could you put in? You are getting really, really good!!!

Stacy, 2/18/2011

Good looking and informative.

Vicki Blakslee, 2/18/2011

We marvel at the beauty of your paintings which serve as a reminder of God's handiwork that surrounds us here in Three Rivers. We treasure your friendship and envy your talent.

Ron & Nina Turner, 2/18/2011

Beautiful artwork from a very talented artist! I love your work!

Sharon Devol, 2/18/2011

Jana's beautiful drawings of Kaweah Country grace our foyer walls, here at Three Rivers Bed and Breakfast. We love her work!

Leah Catherine Launey, 2/18/2011

I've been following Jana's CabinARt blog for several years now and have especially been a fan of her pencil work. And what a leap to go from sketching to murals - well done! More, please.

Donna Luallen, 2/18/2011

You represent our area in art so well!

Marie Heinrichs, 2/19/2011

I have been in love with Jana's art almost as long as I have been in love with the Sequoias. I know of no artist that captures the beauty of our area better.

Maren Vance, 2/19/2011

Love your website! And, I love your beautiful paintings. What would we do without CabinArt?

Ellen Milinich, 2/19/2011

A great talent! Well worth seeing this beautiful work.

Ralph Hopkin, 2/19/2011

Jana is a very talented artist. It is a real privilege to know her and see her beautiful work.

Dora Lee, 2/19/2011

What about the White House Christmas ornament, Jana? You’re too modest, but an honest writer--and an artistic jewel in the beautiful crown of Sequoia!

John Keesey, 2/19/2011

Great website ! If I didn’t already know you I would say, "I'd like to meet this artist!"

Joe Bugni ( in Bakersfield ), 2/19/2011

Jana's art will be a legacy for generations to come. When you view her work you view the soul of the artist who loves the Sierras.

Colette Valenzuela, 2/19/2011

Your talent runs in many directions and you have them all. I was privileged to be your student and please brush on!

Bob Jacobson, 2/19/2011

Whenever I miss the home of my youth, I just look at your paintings and drawings to bring me back to that time and place. You are awesome, Jana... thanks so much.

Kenny Muller, 2/19/2011

Jana is not only a gifted artist but an inspirational teacher. This part of California is fortunate to have her talents and art as part of our landscape.

Sara Kelly, 2/20/2011

I have four of Jana's artwork gracing my office and home, and really enjoy looking at them every day as a reminder of the beauty of our wildflowers. Jana captures the essence of whatever she creates with detail and realism.

Connie Saito, 2/20/2011

My husband and I have long enjoyed Jana's pencil artwork of the Sierra Nevada and Three Rivers - I especially love the touches of color that highlight wildflowers in a meadow, or fruit on an orchard tree. We have also enjoyed her more recent paintings, and have a couple small paintings of spring wildflowers in the foothills. She captures the essence of these beautiful local landscapes.

Linda Mutch, 2/20/2011

Jana has a God-given gift as an artist. She captures the beauty of the Sierra Nevada in an unique way, using light and detail. We love both her pencil work and paintings.

Mitch and Janet Brandon, 2/20/2011

Thanks Jana-it's all over now. You've put our little well kept secret here in the southern Sierra's on the world travel map with your wonderful art and informative new site. (insert smiley face)

Steve Swinney, 2/20/2011

Not only does Jana have a God given talent for drawing and painting, she has an artists appreciation for God's creation. Three Rivers benefits from both.

Susann Stovall, 2/21/2011

You are one of God’s Blessings to all of us who get to live here in this beautiful area. Great site.

Connie Lentz, 2/21/2011

Your art is warm and familiar, and painted or drawn with such beauty and obvious love of the Sierras. When I look at your drawings I feel like I am home, even though I live far away! Thanks for drawing my memories!!!

Melissa, 2/21/2011

Great website. Nicely set up, good samples and easy to get around.

Mark Bissiri, 2/21/2011

Jana is such a talented artist . . . her art is beautiful and timeless. It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from Jana in one of her drawing classes too - she enjoys sharing her knowledge and many talents with others as well as creating her own new art. We are very fortunate that Jana shares her beautiful murals, drawings, and paintings with us all . . . thank you Jana for your wonderful work!!

Kim McGee, 2/21/2011

I love your website!

Colleen Mitchell-Veyna, 2/21/2011

Jana, It’s so amazing to me to see the end results of the finishing strokes of an artist's brush. I am so thankful that God has given you a wonderful finishing touch talent.

Gerald Avants, 2/21/2011

The website is lovely. Jana's art reminds this California ex-pat of the one corner of California she still loves. Jana's art reminds us of our love of place whether it is a small painting of an Indian Paintbrush or a mural showing the unlimited vista of the Sierras.

Linda Bingham Gardner, 2/23/2011

Jana's highly regarded professional work is also shown in art studios, museums, and stores in several cities. The regard for her work is spreading, and no wonder! Her own beauty, sense of humor, and love of life, nature, and humanity shows in each work. It is a treasure to have them in your home.

Louise Jackson, 2/23/2011

Jana captures not only the Three Rivers and the Sierra’s natural beauty, but also its heart and soul.

Jaclyn Johnson, 3/19/2011

I have been to Jana's studio. It is a spot worth stopping to visit on your way to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. You won't be sorry!

Shirley Keller, 3/20/2011

Jana is a delightful person to know with a quirky sense of humor. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge of art. She can help you find talent that you had no idea you possess. It has been fun watching her own art evolve and continue to improve over the years that I have known her. You will want to include one of her paintings in your home. I have her lovely painting of California poppies in my entry that makes me smile each time I see it.

Nikki Crain, 4/21/2011

Simply beautiful work from a beautiful person. Jana represents God's world wonderfully in canvas and in personality. I strongly recommend a stop by the Studio.

Craig Baltimore, 5/16/2011

Jana and her art are treasures for Three Rivers. Jana has a passion for painting, drawing and creating and it shows in the fine quality of her work. Whether on canvas, in a mural or on a Christmas ornament, Jana's art beautifully reflects life in Central California.

Dennis Villavicencio, 5/27/2011

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