California Wildlife Photo of the Year Contest 2017

Attention Sierra Nevada Wildlife Lovers!

You are invited to submit your photos of California wildlife you've seen at the Sierra Nevada California Watchable Wildlife sites for the 2017 California Wildlife Photo of the Year contest. There are five months to submit your images, and the winning images will be featured in Outdoor California.

Your images will be judged by a panel of three judges, based on the following criteria:

  • Technical Excellence (focus, exposure, resolution)
  • Composition
  • Difficulty in getting the shot
  • Overall impact and storytelling aspects of the image

The California Watchable Wildlife Project celebrates the state's wildlife and diverse habitats by acknowledging and elevating the value of wildlife viewing to benefit individuals, families, communities, and industries while fostering awareness and support for conservation and protection of wildlife and habitats.

So download your free Sierra Nevada Geotourism App, grab your camera, and head out to one of these Sierra Nevada California Watchable Wildlife Sites to show us why you love the Sierra!

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Latitude: 41.987266 Longitude: -120.058123 Elevation: 5725 ft

How to Participate

The 2015 California Wildlife Photo of the Year contest is presented by California Watchable Wildlife in cooperation with Outdoor California, a bi-monthly publication of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Conservancy and Alpen Optics.

The contest begins in January 2017. Each contest entry period runs for two months, coinciding with Outdoor California’s bimonthly publication schedule.

The 2017 contest has five Entry Periods, beginning in January, 2017, lasting through October 2017. Winning images will be published in Outdoor California's five 2017 issues. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced in January 2018.

What to submit:

  • Images taken at a California Watchable Wildlife Viewing site in the Sierra Nevada
  • Any California wildlife species in native habitat
  • People viewing wildlife
  • Interesting animal behavior
  • Seasonal abundance of wildlife

Contest details, submission guidelines and online entry form are available at All submissions must be via the online entry form.


Click here for Submission Guidelines and Terms.

Dates and Times

There are five separate entry periods to submit your photos:

  • January-February, 2017
  • March-April, 2017
  • May-June, 2017
  • July-August, 2017
  • September-October, 2017


We're happy to announce that Robert Floerke of Davis was awarded Honorable Mention, Sierra Nevada, in the November-December, 2012 entry Period. His photo of a Black Bear cub at Taylor Creek will appear in teh January-February issue of Outdoor California. Enter your Sierra Nevada images at

Karen Killebrew, California Watchable Wildlife, 1/18/2013

I think that photograph is real amazing and really shows the wildlife .

anne arenscly, 9/26/2013

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