Camp Connell

The area known today as Camp Connell was first used by Native Americans thousands of years ago. Its location on San Antonio Creek was along a trading route between bands of Miwok, Piute, and Washoe, as well as being a popular summer encampment.

The discovery of gold in the Mokelumne and Stanislaus River basins in 1848 led to large numbers of prospectors and adventurers following the old Indian trail over the Sierra to the southern gold fields. The famous route - Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway or Hwy 4 - between Murphys and Carson City became famous when the Calaveras North Grove of Big Trees was discovered in 1852. The Big Trees - Carson Valley Road was improved in 1856 and by 1857 much of the immigration into California came over this road. Not long after that, the area of Camp Connell became a junction of roads between Sheep Ranch and San Andreas and was a favorite stopping point and rest area on the route.

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Latitude: 38.3101776 Longitude: -120.2776337 Elevation: 4761 ft
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About this Establishment

The Camp Connell General Store is one of the oldest Chevron stations in California as well as the longest continuously operated retail business between Murphys and Markleeville. It is a popular stop for visitors and a cherished part of the local community.

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Prehistoric to present

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Sun-Thur 7am-7pm; Friday-Saturday 7am-8pm

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My wife’s family built a cabin in Dorrington, just down the road from Camp Connell, in 1959. We are frequent visitors and customers of the Camp Connell General Store and are always greeted with friendly smiles and good service. Don’t forget to ask about their live entertainment! It has become quite the venue for a wide variety of performers "up on the hill".

Tom Regner, 3/21/2011

My mother loved Camp Conell. She worked housekeeping back in 1928 and spent summer afternoons sitting up on the hill enjoying the views. The Conells were wonderful people to work for she said.

Jean Parker, 3/8/2015

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