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Wendy McKellar
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Latitude: 36.4399754 Longitude: -118.9045787 Elevation: 813 ft
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Wendy McKellar


Wendy McKellar grew up in Three Rivers, California, where her family has lived for over 100 years. The southern Sierra Nevada provided a rich and varied playground, and her affinity for the landscape began as she hiked and swam in these mountains – the same mountains her great-great grandmother shared with her best friend, a Yokuts girl from the local tribe. She learned to paint from her "grandmas" and eventually began a design career, working for decorators. After 22 years of painting murals and faux walls, Wendy has created Colors Art Gallery, a space of her own where she displays her whimsical furniture and art.

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Wendy continues to find inspiration from nature. Her etched furniture and painted canvases are graced with the flora and fauna of the hills – vivid wildflowers, colorful fish and birds, and giant sequoias – all with a fresh, stylized interpretation. Her organic collage art is made from recycled paper and reflects life experiences. From a design background, Wendy knows about showcasing an individual's personality. She brings the same sensitivity and eye for color to her art, enabling her to incorporate just the right frame or piece of hardware, making it the perfect art for your home.

Colors Art Gallery also represents up to 20 local artists, offering gifts of all mediums, and all hand-crafted in America. The shop boasts the handweaving of Nikki Crain, pottery by Ann Brown and Jaya Roy, quilts by Gail Matuskey, and metal art of Leslie Powell. Stop in and watch as Wendy wood-burns a chair or paints the details on a canvas. You will love this gallery.


Stepping into Colors is an experience of beautiful light and color. The displays are changed regularly, so every visit provides new discoveries. This gallery is a great place to find a large variety of original art by Three Rivers locals.

Jana Botkin, 3/19/2011

I LOVE THIS GALLERY. Whenever I need inspiration or a lift-up I visit Wendy in her magical space. It always does the trick.

Nadi Spencer, 3/19/2011

Glad to get this Geotourism MapGuide info because I’ve been procrastinating about stopping at "Colors" (I didn't really know what is in there or what it is!) Now looking forward to it. What are the hours?

Kay Woods, 3/19/2011

Wendy is our neighbor Gallery, and her collection of Art is a "Must See".

The Art Co-op, 3/19/2011

A visit to Colors Gallery is a trip to Happiness! The colors are vibrant and fun. I've been collecting Wendy McKellar's for years, and love her work; you will too!

Pam Lockhart, 3/19/2011

I love going into Colors and visiting with Wendy. It’s such a beautiful and fun place.I just collected my first piece of Wendy's original art. (Love it)

Julie Olson, 3/19/2011

This is a gallery you do not want to miss!! It will brighten your day and inspire the creativity in you!

Shirley Keller, 3/20/2011

I love going in to visit Wendy at Colors. The bright colors surround you in a blanket of happiness. Walking around in the shop is like a treasure hunt. New items come in regularly and Wendy never leaves anything in one place for very long. Everything looks new each time I go in. You can't leave here without a smile on your face.

Nikki Crain, 3/20/2011

Wendy’s whimisical and colorful art and hand painted furniture is by far the best stop in all the galleries up and down California.

Beth Hart/Artist, 3/25/2011

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