Eagleville BBQ

It all started sixty-six years ago when some Eagleville ranchers donated a dwarf calf for a community BBQ using an old fashioned deep pit where the meat is buried over hot coals.  Days before the annual event, the men of Eagleville venture into the Warner Mountains to cut mahogany wood that produces the hot coals needed to cook the meat. 

Townspeople meet the evening before to season and wrap the meat and vegetables in paper and burlap.  The menu consists of BBQ meat, potato salad, beans, salad, rolls and a secret BBQ sauce. 

Dinner starts at 7:00pm when the pit crew uncovers the tasty roasted meat.  The annual event is a fund raiser for the Eagleville Volunteer Fire Department. 

Approximately 1,000 people descend upon our small community of 50 to 100 residents for the dinner.  Families schedule reunions, old timers reconnect with old friends, and former neighbors as well as meet new friends. A free dance starts at 9:00pm and is held under the stars for BBQ attendees next to the picnic tables.

The Eagleville BBQ started in 1945 is always held the last Saturday of July.


Latitude: 41.3188178 Longitude: -120.114212 Elevation: 4629 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
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Admission Fee (if any)

$15.00 per adult or presale tickets are available $12.00. Children under six are free.

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

All ages.

Pet Friendly Notes

Not an event for pets.


Always great food and fun. Very well organized. Bringing dad this year from Indiana -- he was born in Eagleville 1927.

Janet Grove, 6/6/2013

Was lucky enough to see my first Eagleville BBQ in 1949. Was great then and still is to this day.

Tim VAUGHAN, 7/15/2018

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