Lee Vining

The gateway to both Yosemite National Park and Mono Lake, Lee Vining is located at the base of the Sierra just below Tioga Pass. The town is an ideal base camp for exploring the Mono Basin, or nearby Yosemite National Park. Lee Vining offers two visitor centers, trading posts, restaurants, a market, service stations, and many lodging options.

Tioga Pass, at an elevation of 9,945 ft, is Yosemite's Heavenly gate. Get a sky-high peak into America's park jewel from California's highest vehicle pass. Near the summit, Ellery, Saddlebag, and Tioga Lake offer accessible camping and fishing in an astonishing alpine setting. Lee Vining Creek, cascading down the canyon is lined with acres of tall aspens that put on a blazing show of fall color. Watch for that occasional Bighorn Sheep on the Canyon's Rocky slopes.


Latitude: 37.9575814 Longitude: -119.1200995 Elevation: 6777 ft
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Alicia Vennos


Several years ago at night I drove Tiogo pass while my friend slept. I had no idea where I was as I’m from east coast. I have never been so scared in all my life and I was furious at Him for getting me into this horror. I kept in low gear and was terrified of burning out my brakes but could never let up on brakes for a min as it was so steep. I've had nightmares. Walking into restaurant at bottom the waitress took one look and said you just came off pass didn't you. I was white she said. I was glad to be alive. I ditched my friend forever.

Paula, 6/9/2016

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