Alabama Hills Stewardship Partnership

The Alabama Hills Stewardship Partnership are  groups of individual volunteers, partner organizations, and businesses that work to preserve full access and the semi-primitive state of the Alabama Hills west of Lone Pine with projects and education. The Alabama Hills are often used by film companies and are visited frequently.

The Alabama Hills Stewardship Partnership (AHSP) created a vision statement for the future of the area to make all decisions about the area. The AHSP works in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management in an informal and cooperative way to manage the area. Annual clean-ups, removal of vandalism, and rehabbing areas with native plants are on-going opportunities for volunteers. The group was awarded a National Conservation Cooperation Award by the Secretary of the Interior in 2008.

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Latitude: 36.6053234 Longitude: -118.057563 Elevation: 3714 ft
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What the Result Will Be

The work of the Partnership will guarantee continued full access to this exceptional natural area without any destruction or deterioration of the semi-primitive natural state of the Alabama Hills.

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