Loves Falls

Loves Falls is located on the Pacific Crest Trail just a short hike from where the trail crosses Highway 49 traveling east of the quaint village of Sierra City, and before you reach Bassetts. This is a picturesque easy hike through the forest to the North Yuba River where there are awesome boulders with cascading falls.  From the massive bridge suspended above the river you have a view of the falls both upstream and down that has carved a gorge through the volcanic rock creating cascading mini-falls and pools. 

This is a shady hike on a well marked and maintained trail.  You can hike the short 1/2 mile distance to the bridge and Loves Falls, or continue on the Pacific Crest Trail toward Sierra Buttes and, eventually, to the Canadian Border. Please remember to pack it in and pack it out, and have fun!

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Latitude: 39.5790995 Longitude: -120.6071806 Elevation: 4567 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

There are lots of great views of the forest flora and natural landscape.  The trail is very traveled from spring to fall with thru-hikers traveling from Mexico to Canada.

Seasons Accessible

This part of the trail is accessible year around.  With heavy snows in the winter, snowshoes are usually required.

ADA Accessibility Notes

The trail is well maintained, but is not wheelchair accessible.

Pet Friendly Notes

My dogs love the walk. There are so many things to see and smell.


Did you know that Love Falls was the upper extent of anadromy when salmon and steelhead were able to swim free up to the North Fork Yuba River (before Bullards Bar and Englebright dams were constructed)?

Alice Berg, 8/23/2012

My mining partner Phil Pollard and I drilled the supports on the bridge and we worked on the trail with Ron McCain's crew. I had a mining prospect in Ladies Canyon from 1972 and 1985, and lived many years in the Busch building in Sierra City.

Roger Patterson, 12/13/2012

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