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Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to enjoy nature, have fun, recharge your batteries and find inner peace! Countless trails with spectacular views for all ages and fitness levels are the perfect setting to learn how to improve your health and well-being through my Yaduma (Long Life) Walking Meditation Training. It's an award-winning health and fitness program combining controlled Aerobic Exercise, Mental Training, elements of Pilates, Alexander Technique, auto-hypnosis and FUN -  a natural energizer to retrieve motivation, boost metabolism, burn fat and relax intentionally. Walking improves your cognitive skills such as concentration as well as coordination. The hormones produced naturally act as a natural anti-aging remedy, help to relieve stress, prevent burnout and enjoy life.

I moved to Lake Tahoe in 2011 to make this special spot on earth my living and working base. My job since 2001 as Europe's first Walking Coach was to inspire people to enjoy and introduce healthy habits into their lives. Here, it is easy to learn to consciously relax, motivate, find inner peace and have fun while being guided along the trail. The goal is to enable yourself to enjoy, feel good, be motivated and improve health, both physically and mentally. My Walking program won the Best Business Project by a Woman in Mallorca, Spain, in 2006.

If you like to explore stunning trails and locations, discover how to cope with stress, burn fat, motivate and have fun at the same time, you can have it all at Lake Tahoe. Let me be your guide - Manuela Stoerzer Vogt:

Walking Guru Guide Trails in Tahoe:
Zephyr Cove trails - off the beaten track
Tahoe Rim Trail
Echo Lakes
Dardanelles Lakes
Velma Lakes
Hidden Woods Lake

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Yaduma Walking Meditation program to consciously relax

In 2000, faced with the challenge of divorce, raising two children as a single mother, and the loss of a high stress career, I  thought I had hit “rock bottom”. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma skin cancer. This series of devastating events triggered a certain clarity, what life was about and the courage I needed to take the life-changing steps that saved my life and serendipitously created a niche technique that has helped countless others worldwide.

With my MBA degree from Munich Germany, I returned to education starting my training at the famous Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX and a 176 hour intense seminar on Mental Power Techniques in Munich, Germany. Focusing on alternative healing I trained in India with Swami Bhakti Chaitanya in holistic studies and later with Dr. Michael Kahan, Head of The Institute for Continuing Education in Hypnotherapy and Behavior Therapy Studies, Munich. With this training and lots of Walking sessions with clients I developed what I call Yaduma Walking Meditation Technique which is a highly sought-after program by international CEO’s, VIP’s, physicians, music industry people and groups of business men and women requiring stress-management solutions.

Walking Meditation Training is a holistic alternative like Yoga and Meditation to enhance your energetic level, overall well-being and retrieve balance in life while burning fat and boosting your hormones.  If you suffer from health problems, risk factors such as HBP, cholesterol, overweight, cancer, depression, any psychosomatic issues, go through rehabilitation, or recover from operation, physiotherapy, Walking Meditation is a great way to improve your healing process in addition to your medical treatment and make the best out it.

“Manuela is my walking coach. During a snowy winter in Lake Tahoe, she encouraged and trained me in the positive habit of power walking for health. My cardiovascular system improved, my heart became stronger, and I gained a more positive attitude from her dynamic training. I recommend her services as a walking coach to anyone considering it. Hiking with Manuela is a constructive and life-affirming choice that you won’t regret to make for your health and future.” 
Walt Brubaker, Consultant Stateline NV, client

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Latitude: 39.0367863 Longitude: -119.9411774 Elevation: 6422 ft
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Manuela Stoerzer Vogt

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Eco-Friendly Notes

The Walking Guru Guided tours at Lake Tahoe are waste-free. It's just you and nature. It's easy and fun to experience healthy habits while enjoying Lake Tahoe's beautiful environment treading lightly along the trail.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs are welcome to join the walking tours as long as they are permitted on the trails. However, if you want to learn how to consciously relax through Walking Meditation, I recommend you take an introduction session first without your pet to fully concentrate on yourself.

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