Mariposa County Courthouse

Constructed in 1854 in Grecian style architecture. It is the oldest courthouse in continuous use west of the Rockies. This building is a California Historic Landmark (#670) and is on the National Historic Register of Historic Places. The lumber (white pine) was cut by a sash sawmill powered by a wood burning steam engine from a nearby site.

Constructed with no nails in the supporting structure, the beams are held together with pine pegs and are strengthened by mortise and tenon joints. The Clock was shipped around Cape Horn from the East coast for a cost of $1,130.35. The only marks of the clock are "Naylor Vickers & Company" which are found on the bell. The Visitors Bureau conducts tours, contact them for dates and times.

Click here to learn more about the Mariposa County Courhouse and its designation as California Historical Landmark No. 670.

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Latitude: 37.489039 Longitude: -119.9678892 Elevation: 2020 ft
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About this Establishment

This courthouse was renovated in 1955 and in 1968. The integrity of the building was maintained during these projects and in the renovation in 1987-88.

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