The Miner's Pick - Gold Rush Mining Artifacts & Antiques in Amador City

"The frenzy created new businesses and broke up families. Those with vision were intoxicated by the lure of easy money. The dream pitted friend against friend and made hermits of many. Before it was over, fortunes were made and lost and made again and the world would never be the same...." Is this a description of a software company in Washington State? No! LinDee Rochelle wrote this opening paragraph about the Gold Rush Era in the inaugural edition of Antiques and Collectibles Journal, March 2007.

There is a fantastic article on the Gold Rush

Roger and Connie Peterson grew into enthusiastic collectors of mining antiques while living in a 1900s cabin in Conifer, Colorado. It was a single purchase, a miner's candlestick that started the journey and quest for knowledge. Roger consults throughout the world on miner's candlesticks and other artifacts. He also appraises and restores mining memorabilia.

Roger shares: "Amador City was one of the first towns started after the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill. In 1849, prospectors were fiddling around here looking for gold, when seven Methodist ministers discovered hard rock gold in quartz veins just outside of town...." An essential part of a miner's tool kit was his pick, candles and holders. Thousands of shapes and designs exist. There were 88 patents issued with the U.S. Patent Office and two in Canada. Miners candlesticks are the specialty of The Miner's Pick. At the end of the candle stick era, in the 1920s, carbide lamps became predominate.

The circa 1870 site where their shop and residence is located was a boarding house, a garage with the oldest part being a blacksmith's shop near the creek.

The Miner's Pick has the most fantastic collection of miner and mining artifacts. There are advertising pieces, blasting cap crimpers, blasters, maps, photographs, bell signal signs, candlesticks, tools, equipment, and ore cars among the fantastic array of authentic objects. A majority of the inventory dates from the 1850s to the 1920s. One of their most memorable sales was supplying ore cars to Disney for a theme park.

The history of the era is rich, complex, always interesting, sometimes mythical. For more information, the key references are for sale at The Miner's Pick. California author Jody and Ric Hornor are: The Golden Corridor, The Golden Highway and The Golden Quest. published by 19th Century Books.

Roger and Connie look forward to your visit!

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Wonderful experience...abundance of mining "stuff" and owners who never met a stranger. My husband and I enjoyed visiting the museum and learning about gold mining in California.

Jan Spicka, 9/5/2010

The Miners Pick is a fabulous shop with many interesting mining artifacts. Roger’s knowledge of the era and the miner's tools are incredible. The shop is a truly friendly place to stop in and enjoy the stories and visit with Roger and Connie. I've been there several times and hope to go back again soon.

Judy Loveland, 9/6/2010

A fantastic shop dedicated to the preservation and collection of mining artifacts. I thoroughly enjoy my visits to the Miner’s Pick, whether it be to purchase items or just to admire the museum.

Tony Nosretep, 9/15/2010

Roger, Connie and the museum tell the story of the Gold Rush with verbal and visual information you cannot find any other place in the famous Motherlode country. It is a shop that you must see to appreciate the history of the miners and mines. Don't miss it!!!

Al Winters, 11/16/2010

This is simply the best mining and Gold Rush shop in the U.S. Roger and Connie are in a class by themselves.

Leo Stambaugh, 11/17/2010

If you're in the Mother-lode area you have to stop by. Lots to see and fun things to buy!

Cap-Tin Bob, 11/17/2010

Excellent article. This has always been one of my favorite antique shops in Amador County where we have so many great places to find antiques, collectibles and more.

Terry, 12/13/2010

i think it is really cool

mason, 4/12/2011

My husband found a miner’s pick on a job site. I reckon it's ancient.

Angel, 6/23/2017

are you still open

ray, 6/1/2019

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