Four Lone Pine Cemeteries

The Mt. Whitney Cemetery District manages four cemeteries in Lone Pine area, all of which have historic interest. They are the Pioneer Cemetery, the Depot Cemetery, the 1872 Earthquake Mass Grave, and the Mt. Whitney Cemetery which can be traced back as far as 1864.

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The Pioneer Cemetery is the oldest with the graves of Mrs. McGuire and her six year old son killed at the end of the Indian Wars in 1864 in Haiwee. Also found in this cemetery are the graves of Lone Pine founder Charles Begole and other noted pioneers.

The Depot Cemetery was the second cemetery to create a new burial area when the Pioneer was filled up. The most interesting gravestone there is in Cyrillic letters and when translated says the man buried there was born in Sarajevo and died of "unnatural causes."

The Earthquake Mass grave is located near one fault line and has victims of the 1872 earthquake which was estimated to be 8.2 or greater and dropped the Owens Valley floor in the area as much as 25 feet. A plaque further documents the event.

Across the street is the Mt. Whitney Cemetery which is the last resting place of Pete Aguereberry (Death Valley Gold Miner), Gustav Marsh (Builder of Mt. Whitney Trail) and L.A. art critic and patron, Walter Hopps.


Actually, the Depot Graves were created from the necessity of burying in the spring, when the water table at the Pioneer Cemetery (until 1884 the main cemetery) was too high to allow for burials. Then in late summer, they would be disinterred and moved to the Pioneer Cemetery. It was never full and was used until 1914, after which only the cemetery on Hwy. 395 was used, originally established by the Knights of Pythias members on donated ranch land.

Linda Haun, Manager, 4/24/2015

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. My husband and I have been to Lone Pine many, many times, volunteer at Manzanar - we had no idea these cemeteries were there ( except the obvious ones ). Thank you!!!

Randon Pool, 8/15/2015

Thank you Linda Haun, you were very helpful and kind to help me find my infant sister's grave. Hope to meet you when we get out to Lone Pine later this month.

Mark Thompson, 8/2/2017

My ancestor, Katherine (Taylor) Wells is buried at the Lone Pine Cemetery. She died in 1911. How can I get more information? The grave search apps don’t find her but I know she's there. My actual email is and my phone gets texts at 503-421-6567. Thank you.

Ms. Kane L. Taylor, 9/30/2017

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