Genoa Trading Company

Genoa Trading Company is small shop located in a historic building in the town of Genoa, Nevada. The building was built in the 1930's by a tending bartender of Nevada's Oldest Thirst Parlor. Pete Presenta added the small building to have as his living quarters. In the 1950's the building became the first antique store for the town's people to sell their goods. While standing inside the Genoa Trading Company, the building's slight lean lets you actually feel the years of this historic building.

Established in 1999, today Genoa Trading Company is a small gift shop that specializes in Native American collectibles, jewelry and handmade pottery. Pendleton blankets, handbags, limited edition Native American blankets, unique garden accents, and handmade items from several renowned Western State's artisans are just an example of what you will find inside this small shop with the big history.

The owners guarantee the authenticity of all the items they sell that are hailed for their consistent intrinsic value.

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Latitude: 38.9975745 Longitude: -119.846077 Elevation: 4887 ft
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Seasons Open

Open all year, except January. Hours are shorter during the Winter.

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