Gypsy Getaway Wagons

Gypsy Getaway Wagons offer visitors a one of a kind opportunity to experience the Sierras.  Handmade in Reno, NV, these wagons can be towed to locations far and wide.  Full solar capacity, 12 volt charging system, 18 gallon water tank, propane and 2 burner stove, all the amenities to get off the grid or be the hit of the campground.  Most wagons contain 2 full sized beds and can be rented with a portable toilet if you are headed way out of bounds.  Each wagon is a livable work of art capable of matching the glorious beauty of the places yo are travelling.  Weighing the same as a boring old RV, these can be hauled behind most SUVs or small trucks (which can be rented in Reno).  Whether you are packing up the family, taking a romantic weekend away, or headed to find the most elusive trout in the Sierras, Gypsy Getaway Wagons will get you there in an artistic, fun and functional way! 


Latitude: 41.176446 Longitude: -121.782107 Elevation: 5599 ft
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Campground Style


Maximum Number of People Cabin or Fire Lookout May Accommodate


Nightly Fee

starts at $69 per night

Maximum Length of Stay Allowed


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Driving Directions

Wagons can be rented in Reno NV and hauled to any location throughout the Sierra region

Eco-Friendly Notes

Gypsy Getaway wagons are equipped with a 120 watt solar system, LED lights, 2 12 volt charging outlets, propane for a 2 burner stove and 18 gallon water tank.  Each wagon is ready to head off the grid and sustain you for days! 

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

Each Gypsy Getaway Wagon is custom built in Reno Nevada by local craftsman and artists.  As far as we know we are the only place in North America to rent out Gypsy Wagons for guests to experience a one of a kind escape. 

Pet Friendly Notes

pets accepted


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