Habitat Protectors of Yosemite (HaPY)

Volunteers join Yosemite National Park staff to help preserve and protect Yosemite's habitat by removing non-native plants, ecological restoration, litter pick-up and more.  Volunteers of all ages are welcome, and there's no need to sign up in advance. 

Just show up at the designated time and place with long pants, closed-toed shoes, water, and sun protection.  For groups of 10 or more, or for further information, contact the Yosemite Volunteer office at 209-379-1850 or yose_volunteers@nps.gov

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Latitude: 37.748717 Longitude: -119.596514 Elevation: 4004 ft
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Yosemite Volunteer

What the Result Will Be

Volunteer work will result in a reduction of invasive plants (which crowd out native plants), protection of sensitive habitat, and removal of debris that are both unsightly and may harm wildlife.

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