Highway 50 Association Wagon Train

The Highway 50 Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to horse and wagon enthusiasts, and the historical reenactment of the "Great Western Migration," a designated bi-state historic event that takes place in California and Nevada.

The association is committed to the preservation and promotion of the history of the Old Roaring Road, aka Highway 50, which was a significant route traveled during the great western migration of the 1800s. Entering its 63rd year of annual treks in 2012, the Highway 50 Wagon Train travels from points east in Nevada, over the Sierra Nevada mountains, and west down into the gold fields of the California foothills.

All wagons are authentic vintage replicas and period clothing is worn at all times by wagon train participants. Our effort is to present this unique bit of history to the public, and especially to participating school groups. The school groups often travel with us for one or two days, doing all the things a child might have done 150 years ago when he or she traveled west with their parents. It is an exciting time for all, and a wonderful and impressive history lesson for young people.

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Latitude: 39.0021304 Longitude: -119.9560143 Elevation: 6348 ft
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How to Participate

The public is invited to participate, either as a wagon rider, or horseback rider (your own horse please). The Highway 50 Wagon Train will rendezvous near Zephyr Cove, Nevada, and travel west to Placerville, California.

Visit www.hwy50wagontrain.com for dates and registration information.

Dates and Times

June 04, 2011 - June 12, 2011

Appropriate Ages

All ages.


Highlight of our day, thanks for promoting history.

christensen, 6/8/2012

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