Homer Ranch

Homer Ranch protects 1,819 acres of working landscape along a mile stretch of beautiful Dry Creek in Lemon Cove, just northeast of Woodlake.

The ranch is home to a significant portion of one of the largest, healthiest and last remaining sycamore alluvial woodlands in the world and extensive blue oak woodlands. These woodlands play an important role in the large, interdependent natural communities that sustain the Sierra Nevada foothills. Serving as a critical wildlife corridor for a variety of species such as resident and migratory birds, mule deer and mountain lion, the ranch provides an important link between Dry Creek and conserved land to the northeast.

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Latitude: 36.471106 Longitude: -119.025015 Elevation: 642 ft
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Niki Woodard

Recreational Opportunities

Homer Ranch opens to the public in May 2011 for hiking, picnicing and enjoying the beauty of the unique Sierra Nevada foothill landscape. In spring, the hillsides put on a magnificent wildflower display of color. Braided channels of Dry Creek flow through the preserve, lined by a flourishing sycamore alluvial woodland. 

Seasons Accessible

Accessible year round. 


Free to enter

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets allowed.


I grew up in Lindcove and went to Sequoia Union with Jim Homer. In all those years I have never been to the Ranch. I live in Auburn,Ca. now but when I go Exeter I will have to visit Homer Ranch .

Linda Subia Workman, 8/17/2013

Read the story of the conservation of beautiful Homer Ranch and see lots more photos on the Tulare County Treasures website at http://www.tularecountytreasures.org/homer-ranch-preserve.html. Note that Homer Ranch Preserve is closed in summer, due to fire danger.

Laurie Schwaller, 10/24/2017

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