Housekeeping Camp

Housekeeping Camp is located at the heart of the Yosemite Valley on the Merced River. With easy access to the river’s sandy beaches and amenities not usually found in a campsite this Camp is perennially popular with visiting families.

It is ideal for those who love to camp outdoors but prefer to avoid the hassle of setting up a tent.

This oddly named Camp has an interesting story. Historically the idea of the public campground had taken hold by 1878. The first evidence of the existence of a ‘Housekeeping Camp’ can be found in 1920 when the park concessions began to provide supplies for a fee  to campers who needed equipment.

Visitors who bought their own could camp for free but visitors who rented supplies stayed in Housekeeping Camp - a camp where you looked after your own house without maid service. The present location was until 1976 named Camp 16, it was renamed when it became the only remaining example of a Housekeeping Camp in the Park and remains so named to this day.

Today Housekeeping Camp provides camp-style accommodations on the Valley floor with central shared showers and bathroom facilities. The Camp is open from April to October each year, depending on weather conditions.

There are 266 ‘tent’ structures consisting of three concrete walls, a canvas roof and fourth canvas wall. In addition each ‘tent’ has a covered patio area, picnic table, bear-proof food storage containers and a campfire ring and grill.

The units can sleep six, a bunk bed (with two twin mattress) and double bed are permanent, while two cots are available per ‘tent’ to create six sleeping areas. There are electrical lights and outlets in each of the units but no televisions or telephones.

The Camp’s lodgings do not include linens or daily housekeeping services despite the camp’s name! Linens, bedpacks (blanket, pillow, sheet), cribs, stoves and chairs can be rented nightly for a fee.

There is a Camp Store for basic groceries, firewood and camping supplies on the premises and coin operated laundry services are also available.

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Latitude: 37.72071 Longitude: -119.631563 Elevation: 3961 ft
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Number of Camp Sites


Campground Style


Maximum Number of People Cabin or Fire Lookout May Accommodate


Nightly Fee

Between $100 and $120 depending on occupancy

Direct Link to Reservation Site

Driving Directions

Once in Yosemite National Park Housekeeping Camp can be reached on Southside Drive opposite the LeConte Memorial Lodge. Or the free Shuttle can be ridden to stop number #12. Free parking is provided for all guests at their unit.

Eco-Friendly Notes

As with all of Yosemite National Park food must be stored securely in the bear-proof storage boxes within the camp ground. All trash should be disposed of in the designated areas.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets are allowed in the Camp.

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