In The Light Urns

In The Light Urns is a family owned and operated memorial company by Three Rivers residents; Rick and Susan Fraser. 

The Frasers continue to be advocates of the funeral industry's green burial commitment and the environment. The funeral industry is going green, and natural lovers are beginning to look at a new way to say good-bye to loved ones and the way they plan for themselves.  Many products offered by In The Light Urns are green products.  With urns lines approved by the Green Burial Council, the Peaceful Pillow Water Burial Urns and the Four Seasons Scattering Urn.

Going green is becoming more popular, people are asking questions and making arrangements, not like their parents did, but like their ancestors did before the civil war, before the industry moved to embalming.  That means a basket casket, burial shroud, or pine box for the deceased.  Buried in a place where there are no headstones, just GPS coordinates in the natural settings for that part of the country. Whether it is the desert, South Carolina or California, a natural setting for burial is becoming more sought after.  Upwards of 10 cemeteries are completely green and some cemeteries are offering parts of their cemetery for green burial.  Come visit the In The Light Urns store, and see green memorial products and more.  

In The Light Urns is located in "The Barn" a 3,500 square foot building on 40838 Sierra Drive in Three Rivers. Stop by for a visit and to see the amazing 11' x 16' mural of a group of Sequoia trees from the park that was painted on the side of the building by mother and daughter team, Jan Wood Harris and Madison Shea Cochran, in May 2011. Just a small part of this beautiful mural is shown here in a photo.  The original was taken by local photographer Tyler Fraser, while he was a park employee working on the parks inner restoration. The front of The Barn has a retail store with urns, jewelry keepsakes and caskets for people and pets. In The Light Urns have been offering people and pet memorials to the general public since 2002, on websites and Besides memorials, they also manufacture, engrave brass and wood memorials, and ship urns and caskets through their parent company United Priority Distributors.

The Frasers are also Business Sponsors of the Sequoia Natural History Association (SNHA), and make the Indian Head Sequoia National Park souvenirs for visitors in the park.  These beautifully laser wood engraved replicas are available in a 3' and 1' wall art, refrigerator magnets and a hat pin size too. The SNHA is a nonprofit, educational organization whose profits go directly to the Kings Canyon & Sequoia Natural Park, Devils Post Pile and Kaweah Lake. They work in and with the park.  Their employees can be seen at the Crystal Cave, Park Stores, and all Visitors Centers.  At all of these locations you will see a Park Ranger working alongside a SNHA employee.  SNHA also organizes field trips from the College of the Sequoias, as well as classes on topics such as backpacking and pottery making.  They have also organized 50 monuments or places to see.

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Latitude: 36.4266348 Longitude: -118.9142266 Elevation: 790 ft
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Susan Fraser

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Men's and women's ADA approved restrooms and access.

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Pets are welcome to accompany their owners on a leash.


In The Light Urns has so many beautiful things, I really like their keepsakes, and have bought them over the years, when the need has risen.

Amanda Sellers, 4/13/2011

We really liked the video and bought this urn for an ocean burial for my father. It was very emotional, our friends and family tossed roses in the water and my mother placed the urn in the ocean. I see now that the video was taken in the owners "back yard". Thank you, for a very special day.

Barbara Hampton, 4/15/2011

The replica of the Indian Head sign is so detailed, we are having one made for us to take home. We saw the ad in the Jazz Affair paper this last week. Looks great, can't wait to get ours.

Jan Woods, 4/20/2011

Good to see we have a local company making these reproductions of the Indian Head sign for the Sequoia & Kings National Park. This is the first time we have had these available and it is nice to see they are made in Three Rivers and not overseas.

Bill Taylor, 4/21/2011

It seems that entering this building would be like entering a funeral parlor. Surprisingly it is like more of a place to see things remembered, a place that shows modern trends to memorialize people and pets. There is much to see in terms of art. First thing that REALLY stands out is a very large, full wall art piece or mural that is realistically painted sequoias. It is unfortunate that it is not on the outside so that everyone can see it. Another interesting find here is the engraving of the Sequoia main entrance sign, the Indian head. It was offered from a one inch hat pin size to a large three footer. We bought a one foot size to bring back to Japan. Very nice place and very nice people that work there.

JUNICHI, 6/1/2011

This is a wonderful way to view burial options and make some educated decisions. Some awesome Sierra Nevada artwork too. Very high quality. The staff are friendly, fun and helpful too!

Nancy B, 6/2/2011

What a cool idea!!! Makes death much less scary. I will be visiting soon! Cool photos too. Love the barn. Good luck, Frasers! (A Facebook friend)

Patricia, 6/2/2011

Excellent resource!!! You should do very well. Love the barn!

Funeral Director Jones, 6/2/2011

Wow, What an amazing concept. Now, I will have to travel from Arizona to see this barn.

Dennis Smith, 6/2/2011

I know "In The Light Urns" from Face book. I saw this and thought how great it is to have a retail store. Greetings from Maryland!

Mary Wells, 6/2/2011

I saw this link on Nancy's profile & decided to take a look. I am so glad I did. I will be visiting this store/barn when I am in California next!!! And, Sierra Nevada looks so cool. Good Luck!!!!

Carol Brown, 6/3/2011

Even though I am a Funeral Director, I think there is a need for a retail store selling funeral products too. Kudos!

Billy Rae, 6/3/2011

I love the Indian Head. So nicely detailed & a great souvenir.

Mrs. R. Stone, 6/3/2011

Truly inspiring! Keep it "green"!

Kathy Issac, 6/5/2011

What a really good idea! We must drop by when we are in S. California!

Lili Henderson, 6/7/2011

Congratulations Susan, Rick & Tyler on being accepted on the Sierra Nevada Geotourism Guide Trail! Your barn looks spectacular & I am sure you will be the highlight of the trail!

Nancy Burban, 6/8/2011

Red Barn Gifts is offering some great new western and Sequoia country gifts and souvenirs. And take a peek into the Memorial Gallery at some great looking urns.

Susan Fraser, 2/13/2012

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