Jones Store at Beasore Meadow

This is a real old-time country store that has a 100 year old history of serving the cattle ranchers in the Sierra. Cattle are still driven up here in the spring to feed on the grass in the meadow from about the end of June until late September.

They have basic supplies and offer sandwiches, home-made pies and hamburgers, beer and other sundry items you might need up there. They sell gasoline if you run out on your way out of the mountains.

There is no electricity, no phone or cell service.

Beasore Meadow has been in the family since the 1800s. One of many operations and the first stop on the cattle drive to allow cows to feed on the fresh grass in the meadows. When the road was built in 1936 Tom Jones decided to build an old Western front store. In 1954 the current 2-story store was built.

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Latitude: 37.4396333 Longitude: -119.4774449 Elevation: 6805 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Mark Heliger

Number of Camp Sites

6 campsites, 14 cabins

Campground Style


Maximum Campsite Spur Length

25 yds.

Maximum Number of People Cabin or Fire Lookout May Accommodate

4 adults, 2 children

Nightly Fee

Campsite $7.50 per night, $5 per night on monthly rental. Cabins are rented seasonally.

Maximum Length of Stay Allowed

June 15 - Oct. 1

Direct Link to Reservation Site

cell phone 805-459-0190

Driving Directions

North Shore Road intersects Road 434/Beasore Rd at Bass Lake which turns into Beasore Road after a slight right turn on Road 274 to stay on Beasore Rd. Proceed almost 14 miles to Beasore Meadow and turn left.

Eco-Friendly Notes

"Spring" comes in June and July as the snow has to melt before the grass and flowers have their time to grow. The weather gradually warms up by September and the whole cycle starts towards Fall again.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pet friendly, but no more than 2 dogs and they must not be agressive.


Jone's Store is a welcome stop on the circular road trip into the mountains. For those of us with a cabin nearby it's a nice break from 'camp cooking'. The food is good and the atmosphere is friendly.

Carolyn Weisman, 4/22/2010

My wife and I bought a lot from Hilda Jones in 1963. She was a wonderful lady to chat with when we visited the store. Her hamburgers were really special! I still ride my trials bike in the hills and the "Store" is a must stop for a refreshing drink and some great conversation. We miss Hilda very much!

Harold Eigenman, 6/13/2010

I was on a dual sport motorcycle ride on Saturday, July 10th and stopped at Jones Store. The gravity fed gas pump is classic Americana as is the store itself. The best thing is the food! Chicken sandwich was the best I’ve ever had! View from the outside patio looking over the meadow is priceless. Jones Store is a must see if your in the area.

Lee Block, 7/12/2010

+1 on the food! Their burgers and pies are incredible! The place is like a time capsule.

Donny Schmidt, 10/7/2010

Our family has been going to Beasore since 1932. The routine was to head up when the snow melted and stay until it fell again. In the early days, it was tent camping. A tent for cooking, a tent for sleeping. The fishing was great in those days with limits of 25 fish possible on any given outing. A bear came into camp once in awhile. The Black’s continue the family tradition dating back to Tom Jones, then Hilda Jones. Hilda was an angel on earth. She and my aunt Maybelle were lifelong friends. Maybelle would spend her summers in the mountains and was at home there. She could catch a trout anywhere she went. I was lucky enough to tag along with her during my youth. She knew where to get the bait. She knew where the fish were. The dinners she prepared are still etched into my memory as if just yesterday. What I would give for another weekend with auntie at Beasore. It is a place I have to go each summer, if only for a day. Have a cheeseburger and a root beer. To smell the trees and see the sights that bring back all the good memories and thoughts of the people that made those memories so special.

Joe Deford, 12/20/2010

Ah Jones Store, what a memory. My parents owned Buchenau’s Cabin from 1964 until the late 1970s. A trip to Jones Store was a three mile walk and we went every few days. There was a stable in the front and we got to ride the horses all the time. Hilda ran the store at the time and was such a great person. The hamburgers and coca-cola were the best. My brother Steve Smith, who lives in Colorado now, met me in Bass Lake in June this year. We hadn’t been there in 30 years, since my parents sold the cabin and 40 acres around it. It was a treat. The snow was still on the road. We had to walk the last two miles to the cabin. The store was not open yet, but we walked around and told stories and shared our memories. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. We both feel very lucky to have spent our summers up there during our teenage and young adult years. Made us feel young again. Thanks for the memories.

Karen Jones, 8/12/2011

My grandparents Alfred and Dina Pistoresi would spend two weeks every year at Beasore. I’m not sure when they first started going, but I would guess around 1950. I first went in 1955 and I remember Tom Jones and Hilda. I also remember their son Johnny who ran a pack station out of there. One of my favorite memories was the campfire every night in front of the store. There were chairs and cut down tree stumps in a circle in front of the old store and people would sit around the fire and visit. My mother would play the accordion. My grandfather and I caught many trout from the creek. There is a big rock down by the creek and we all carved our names in it. It’s been 40 years since I have been there, but someday I will return.

Jim Del Bono, 9/15/2011

I visited there in July of 2009. Met an older man, I believe it was Johnny Jones, who told me all about the different jobs he's had over the years. Turns out, he was involved in planting trout in some of the upper reaches of the San Joaquin River drainage in the fifties and sixties. I've been fishing those areas since the 1970s. It was a genuine honor to talk with the guy. The other people at the store were very nice..and the pie alone was worth the drive.

Rob Hall , 5/7/2012

Tom Jones was very instrumental in having the stream of Beasore planted with trout for many years, as well as having Beavers re-introduced to Beasore meadows before they were killed off by poachers a few years later. Tom did this without any contracts with the Dept. of Fish and Game and was done with a hand-shake. The way things were done back then! Whatever happened to the old home stead ranch in Coasegold? I can still remember the two owls sitting above the fire place. Their eyes always looking at you no matter where you were in the room. Would really like to check out what it looks like today.

Norty Taylor, 5/14/2012

After writting a few words about Beasore, I’ve become somewhat more intrigued with its history as I recall it, versus what others have noted. One gentlemen noted he had a conversation with Johnny Jones (2011) detailing his jobs and the planting of trout in the High Sierra. A short jaunt up the Beasore road (3/4 mile) and a little past the crossing of upper Beasore creek, you might find Mike Alberta. If the name doesn't ring a bell, then go back to square one and start over again. There's not too much Mike can't tell you about his family if he's willing to talk, which is likely not. I can't mention Mike without acknowledging his wife Patty Harlow. The Harlow family has been part of the Beasore logging community since the early 50's, before the mill was closed down in Oakhurst in early 60's. There is no way to describe the Harlow clan as anything but Honorable, Trustworthy, and beyond Approach of anything outside the family. Pete, this is for you, I love you Brother.

Norty Taylor (, 6/14/2012

It is a real pleasure to stop there for lunch after riding my dual sport in the mountains. I can always count on good food, good people, and gas to get me home!

adam hugues, 7/9/2012

Awww...Home away from home. One of my favorite childhood times; filled with great people, food, outdoor activities, the fishing great, the meadows beautiful, walking the logs/jumping into favorite swimming holes and the cattle drive w/camping was my favorite. Loved riding; I learned so much from every family member. Looked forward to the cabin friends returning every year. Still smell the fresh air, the hamburgers that made u hungry. The snow was a beautiful time, to this day the pines r my favorite place 2 b. Don't remember Uncle Tom, remember, respect, loved, and enjoyed good laughs w/Aunt Hilda even when working. Her arms and the door was always open. Great family times. The ol ranch was a great place full of adventures. Looking forward 2 cing u this fall Uncle Vernon/Aunt Lois...u 2 r amazing. Also, Mark Heliger; great article/photos...I have some old black/whites...few color photos...nice work.D

Denise Webber, 7/19/2012

Great comments of this wonderful place. Like my brother mentioned earlier, our family has been going here since the 30's! I remember Hilda and my Aunt Maybelle in the kitchen baking pies and cooking for the loggers and campers all day. Such a great place and some of my best childhood memories!! I hope Vern and Lois are doing well!!

Suzanne Deford-Lancaster, 3/29/2013

In your cabins do they have water and electricity, and bathrooms. It would be a great place to stay.

Pat Beasley, 5/20/2013

I made my first trip to Beasore Meadows when I was 2 years old, in 1939 with my parents Lee and Marion Cox, from San Jose. We came to Beasore many times over the years and I continued to come after I got married and raised my own family. It is one of my all time favorite places on earth and I intend to keep visiting whenever I come to California. I can still smell the unique combination of skunk cabbage, pine trees, frying bacon and freshly caught trout. I can still hear the sounds of cowbells and rushing of Beasore Creek.

Dave Cox, 11/14/2013

So many wonderful memories coming up to the store and having pie or a hamburger or both and of course a long neck soda, going back over forty years now. My son caught his first trout in the creek there. Wow!!!! it does not get better then that, he was so happy. For over forty years my family has spent a week each year in a cabin in Bass Lake and coming up to Beasore was always part it. On a mini trip with my son and daughter we did a side trip up there as in Beasore and Mrs Jones was still running things. Seeing her made our whole trip very special, what a nice lady. Nothing better then an old forestry road and our Sierra's.

Norm Erich speaking for the family., 2/15/2014

I work for Suburban Propane and was delivering in the Red Top Road area and had the fine opportunity of having a very delicious cheeseburger from Lois Black and listening to the comments of other guests regarding her husband, Vern, who is a WW II veteran and fighter pilot, and later the second in command of the California Highway Patrol, and now retired and enjoying the good life and the Sierras. My experience today made me want to come back again and enjoy their facilities and the great outdoors (and have some homemade pie). So come and enjoy the Jones Store.

Mark Holcombe, 7/16/2014

My family use to go to Bass Lake every year for our vacation. Part of that trip was to Jones Store. Dad and I were hunters and a stop at Jones Store was a must. This was back in the late 40’s early 50's. Great people and wonderful food. It was an awesome place for a young guy like me. Great memories. Went today 70 years later and the hamburgers are still the best.

Bob keith, 7/19/2014

Is this the Tom Jones buried in Coarsegold off 41 near Mattie Fhy Lane? -- on the property now owned by the Chukchansi? We used to make stories up about his ghost while playing there.

Teresa Finn, 8/12/2014

The pie is as big as your plate with a huge scoop of homemade ice cream on top, delicious. Go there with an empty stomach and enjoy!

adam hugues, 8/15/2014

My father, Bob Monasmith born in 1926 went to Beasore Meadows and knew Hilda. He and our mom took us there as children and we attended Hilda’s Sunday School. Then they took my son there and she was still around. When did she pass? Anyone know?

Jan Monasmith, 11/17/2014

It looks like she passed on in 2012 and now her son, Vern Black runs the place. I haven't been there since 1992 or 93, I need to get back soon too.

peter kartak, 12/15/2014

Terasa Finn, You are close, the grave is of Tom Jone Jr's Father - Thomas Jones - It is his Homestead that dates back to 1879. I actually have a picture of the old homestead that later was lived in by his son Freeman Jones.

John Pryor, 8/5/2016

Drove to Jones Store yesterday from Coarsegold to beat the summer heat. We had never been there before and just heard about it from a neighbor. It was just wonderful. It was as if we had stepped back 100 years in time. We had a hamburger and pie, and both were simply delicious. The setting is just beautiful, and the buildings are very historical and let you see how things were at a time when life was much simpler for mountain folks and cattleman. Truly a gem in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Gregg & Vicky Pullen, Coarsegold, CA, 8/16/2016

going there tomorrow for some pie

werner and janice bambl, 9/22/2017

My grandparents, an aunt and an uncle all had cabins in Beasore for years. It was our vacation spot for many years(we would stay from 2wks to one month) My grandparents were John& Rose Gordon; uncle Virgil Gordon; and my aunt Virgina all had cabins!! We had bon fires every night; fishing, gathering wood for wood stove were our chores!! We hiked a lot, back to the spring, to the tank house and of course to Jones store!! Have many good memories of the whole area!! I am 76 now and going there is on my bucket list!! Loved that place!!

John G. Brown Fresno, Ca., 7/21/2018

My grandparents (Ray & Katherine Schall) started camping at Beasore during the 1930's. Their daughter Barbara (my Mother) married Robert Ballard, and our family started camping there during the 1950's. I used to celebrate my birthday in Beasore every year. One year Tom Jones gave me a silver dollar for my birthday. I still have the dollar, because it reminds me of his generosity. My brother and I also attended Hilda's Sunday School. Hilda was always baking something in the wood stove during class. It always smelled wonderful, and even though it was hard to concentrate, we loved the smell of the fresh baked pastries while listening to a bible story. She would tell the bible stories while moving felt figures on a board. Those were the best of times.

Randy Ballard, 8/16/2018

My name is Bob Beatty my grandmother Nilley Beatty used to rent cabins there I think she might’ve had a favorite one that she stayed in I remember going up there when I was young she cooked on a woodstove best cooking ever had in my life The walls have a fairly big spaces between the one by sixes that made the cabin and you could see outside through them loved going up there I would like to spend a season up there myself before I can’t

Bob Beatty, 2/21/2019

When do you open this year? 2019

Dede Seward, 5/1/2019

I have been going to Jones Store since the early 90s,Great hosts Lois and Vern and the best food around! Gods Country!

Vic Shay Bass Lake 5/9/2019, 5/9/2019

Are there any cabin rentals available for the week of July 17th-July 21st? Our cabin was damaged due to the snow fall. And we are looking to rent one there in Beasore. Please reply to this message at your earliest convenience. Thankyou.

Linda B. , 6/23/2019

Took a drive up today. Not open yet. Still doing repairs due to heavy snow this past winter. They said they hope to be open by July 4.

Patti Thomson, Oakhurst , 6/30/2019

My family owned the old Garthwaite cabin there built around 1927. Many fond memories of bonfires, dirt bikes and pack trips.

Josh Garthwaite Maddox , 7/20/2019

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