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Carve your way through cedar forest and into an unforgettable manzanita tunnel on this fast flowy trail. 16 miles. 900 feet in climbing. 5,000+ feet in drop.


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Latitude: 35.711131 Longitude: -118.560156 Elevation: 6814 ft

Route Directions

The trailhead is 2 miles south of Greenhorn Summit on Rancheria Road at the Alta Sierra Ski Resort Parking area. Take Hwy 155 about 7 miles up from Wofford Heights, and turn left at the Greenhorn Summit. Drive to the ski area parking, about 2 miles farther. From the parking lot, ride south along Rancheria Road (25S15) almost a 1/2 mile, and look for the trail on the right.

SHUTTLE: Usually ridden as a downhill trail, JO is most often shuttled from Alta Sierra Ski Resort.  

The main JO singletrack is about 5 miles long and drops you half way down the mountain. After a quick-but-steep climb above a creek crossing, the trail ends at Waggy Flat (dirt) Road.

Route Length


Route Difficulty

Easy with Some Moderately Strenous Sections

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