Lakeshore Farmers Market

The Lakeshore Farmers Market is open every Saturday year round at the Lakeshore Lodge in Wofford Heights in the southern Sierra Nevada. We have a number of local certified producers who have expanded their home gardens in order to provide fresh produce to consumers.  We also have Fay Organic, who provides fresh organic fruit and produce. This community market also includes art by local artisans, musical entertainment by talented local musicians, and from time to time fund-raising bake sales by local groups and non-profits.

Operating under the rules and regulations of the Kern County Board of Environmental Health, our local growers and organic fruit and produce are certified by the County. Sponsored by the Kern Valley Growers Association, all of our produce is picked the afternoon before the Market, and is literally hours off the farm - the freshest produce in the Kern River Valley, never purchased at local grocery stores and resold.  Certified vendors have received training so they may participate in the Farmers Market Nutrition Program for Seniors and WIC recipients through the USDA, and also accept California EBT cards.

The purpose of the Kern Valley Growers Association is to promote the agricultural heritage of the Kern River Valley by providing consumers with direct access to locally grown and affordable high quality produce, and providing education about healthy lifestyle choices with demonstrations, classes, written materials, and entertainment by local growers.

Membership in the Association is open to producers of California food products or other products that are produced within Kern County that is enclosed within a boundary defined as the lower mouth of the Kern River Canyon to the west, the top of Walker Pass to the east, Johnsondale on the north, and Piute Mountain Rd/Caliente Creek Rd to the south.

The Market is located at 7466 Wofford Blvd across from St. Paul's Church in Wofford Heights.

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Latitude: 35.710151 Longitude: -118.440276 Elevation: 2634 ft
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Hours Open

9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Seasons Open

Year Round

Eco-Friendly Notes

We use the Pavilion area at the Lakeshore Lodge in Wofford Heights that provides shelter from poor weather and summer heat, and is held during daylight hours, to avoid using any type of power to operate. 

The fruit and produce sold is locally grown, much of it organic. Our craftspeople are also local residents, many of whom use recycled and natural items.  We utilize Port-A-Potties and a foot pump washing station to cut down on water waste.  We hold demonstrations on solar cooking, solar water distilling, canning, and other natural ways of living.

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

The Market is operated by an Association of local residents with vast experience of gardening, cooking, and canning skills, and a desire to share those with others.  The Association sees the need, especially for their lower income neighbors, for accessibility to fresh produce.

ADA Accessibility Notes

The entire Market area is completely handicapped accessible. We have regular visits by three wheelchair bound residents.

Pet Friendly Notes

We encourage our visitors to keep their pets at home. We do allow pets in the crafts area, but by County law are required to keep pets 20 feet away from all food booths.  We make an exception for guide dogs.


The Lakeshore Farmers Market is the place to go for fresh produce in the Kern Valley. The friendly atmosphere, quality produce, bake sales, gift items and demonstrations are just a few reasons to make it your Saturday morning outing. A great place to find interesting items to use as gifts or to take back as a memory from your trip to the Kern Valley! Don’t miss out!

Carla Thorn, 4/1/2011

It’s getting warmer so there is a lot produce, eggs and other stuff to buy, and more crafts.

Bill and Kerry, 4/3/2011

Not only a market, but also a community gathering place that encourages people to slow down and enjoy the great views of the lake and mountains and visit with each other. Local performers are encouraged to sign up to perform and area non-profits, service organizations, and youth groups are given a free booth space to run bake sales as fund-raisers. Produce vendors not only sell their crops, but advise those new to gardening about crop production practices that are suitable for the area.

Sharon, 4/10/2011

The Market celebrated its one year anniversary of operation last Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. During the event we learned that the USDA has awarded a grant to the Kern Valley Growers Association to support the Lakeshore Farmers Market over the next two years.

Kate DeVries, 10/20/2011

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