Leavitt Meadows to Secret Lake

The Leavitt Meadows trail-head is right off Hwy 108, just 4 miles west of Pickel Meadows Marine Base on the east side of Sonora Pass. A relatively easy loop to Secret Lake offers hikers shade, pretty views of the meadows, West Walker River and surrounding peaks, plus a refreshing swimming break at the lake. Increase your hike by an additional two miles return, by taking the fork at Secret Lake to Poore Lake.


Latitude: 38.3321173 Longitude: -119.5533675 Elevation: 7139 ft
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Alicia Vennos

Trail Distance

4-6 miles, round trip


We took 5 kids on an overnight to Secret Lake. It was beautiful and quiet. Great spots to make camp. Swimming and sling-shots at the lake. Hike was more difficult than the ranger suggested. Not much "flat", mostly up!

Paula, 9/26/2010

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