Little Church on the Hill

This pioneer church building may be the last of its era in the western United States. It was established first as a mission in the mining township called, Fresno Flats (now Oakhurst) by missionary Rev. D. O. Kelley in 1886.

It was built and consecrated Christ Church in 1894 by Rev. James S. McCowan of the Episcopal Dioscese of San Francisco. Built by volunteer labor and donated funds, it was the first church in eastern Madera County and served as the only house of worship for nearly half a century.

In 1957, the Coarsegold Grandmothers Club pressured residents to rescue the building from its land-locked hilltop. It was moved to the Oakhill Cemetery where it has been designated a California Point of Historical Interest (MAD-007).

During the years 1991-2004, the building was restored to it's original simple beauty of 100 years ago. Services to commemorate Memorial Day and Veteran's Day are held annually. Several other memorial and religious observances are held throughout the year.

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Latitude: 37.332904 Longitude: -119.6536446 Elevation: 2308 ft
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Hours Open to Visitation

Monday thru Friday during business hours; 10-4.


Today, July 21, 2017 it is gone. The fast-moving devastation of the Detwiler Fire has left nothing in its wake except ashes and the gray skeletons of a monkey bars and two tiny playground horses. The bus is burned, the trees are gone, the church is no more. Rest in peace, Little Church on the Hill.

Nancy Belk, Fresno, CA, 7/20/2017

The church on the hill remains strong and sturdy. The bells still toll. Ms. Belk must be thinking of another location. The Memorial Day church service, volley and taps was a beautiful tribute to our fallen veterans.

Ms. D Mello, Oakhurst, CA 5/28/2017, 5/28/2018

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