Little City Studio in Amador City

When you enter this gallery, located in the Amador County Gold Rush town of Amador City, you are enveloped by beautiful colors and complex textures. The sensory experience is engaging. Fabric, original paintings, collage, weaving and clothing form a symphony for the eyes and for the fingers. There is a fantastic site that explores the world of fiber art

Learning the fine craft of weaving in France 35 years ago, gave Carol Sethre a European sensibility of high art. New ideas evolve with each visit to France. While exploring each object, you see that many were woven on her 36" Schacht Mighty Wolf loom located in the working studio part of the shop. From delicate personal pieces to rugs, the variety is stunning.

"Crazy Rags" is a unique Sethre creation. These scarves are made of unique yarns, ribbon, chiffon, selvage and other fabrics. Carefully selected colors are painstakingly sewn together, creating a painting in fabric to be worn or draped across an antique chair.

Nothing in the Little City Studio and Gallery is mass produced - every item is hand crafted! Many of the shawls, blankets and hand-made jewelry and paintings, pottery, sculpture and fine art objects are created by artists in Amador County and the surrounding Gold Rush Sierra Foothills.

You are experiencing these wonderful objects in a authentic Gold Rush brick building dated January, 1878! Built as the Hammack's Dry Goods.

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Latitude: 38.4188722 Longitude: -120.8243001 Elevation: 937 ft
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Kirk and Karrie Lindsay

Seasons Open

Open throughout the year, Friday through Sunday 10 - 5. Also by appointment.

Pet Friendly Notes

Well behaved animal family members are welcomed.


Carol: I want to see a website! =]

Nolan Winkler, 8/1/2011

Eclectic collection of art and accessories, great atmosphere, all local artists. A definite must.

Matt, 12/26/2011

I bought the most beautiful dress here for $16.00. I stop every single time I can.

Chrissie , 9/25/2016

I used to know a Carol Sethre. She had red hair and worked at Creative Galleries in Culver City. If this is the same Carol Sethre, please contact me at Otherwise... Cheers!

Terry Walstrom, 10/20/2016

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