Low Impact Wildlife Photography, The Jim Stamates Collection

An award-winning wildlife photographer and long-time local of South Lake Tahoe, Jim Stamates helped write the ethics guidelines for nature photographers, has done work for the National Wildlife Service, National Forest Service, and the National Park Service, plus lectures on the Theory of Rhythms, Art Marketing and gives photography workshops.

Wildlife photography so spectacular it makes you want to be involved in protecting natural habitats. In the Rhythms lectures and tours he assists individuals to enjoy nature by becoming a part of its unique rhythm.

While Jim does not have open gallery hours, please visit his website for special events and tours at http://www.stamates.com


Latitude: 38.942321 Longitude: -119.9926758 Elevation: 6220 ft
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Eco-Friendly Notes

Jim promotes his low-impact philosophy while hiking, photographing and enjoying the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


Wow! I visited his site and there is some really beautiful stuff.

V Mossler, 5/10/2010

Amazing photos!

Nannette , 5/10/2010

Great! Keep up the good work. Always stay focused!

Tyke S., 5/14/2010

That's an incredible picture. Poor little fish (ha ha). The album of Costa Rica on your website in truly inspiring.

Mary, 5/29/2010

Finally opened up this site. Loved it. Great photos. Hope you are not that close to bear.

Elaine D, 6/4/2010

All I can say is WOW!!! Your wildlife photography is so BEAUTIFUL.

Espie Luna Cobos, 2/2/2012

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