Lower Rock Creek Trail

Lower Rock Creek is a technical single-track trail, and is considered one of the areas best mountain biking trails.

The upper two sections of the ride are fun and fast single-track that are not overly technical. The trail crosses the road in a couple of sections. The third section is much more technical and rocky, and ends in Paradise on Lower Rock Creek Road. Leave a car in Paradise for a shuttle back to the top parking area.

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Latitude: 37.5561455 Longitude: -118.6585236 Elevation: 6902 ft

Route Directions

The ride begins just below Hwy 395's junction with Lower Rock Creek Road, south of Tom's Place. An obvious parking area is present near the trail-head and a sign exists marking the beginning of the ride.

Route Length

8 Miles

Route Difficulty

Moderately Streneous - Best for Adults and Older Children


Lower Rock Creek is one of our favorite trails - ride as a shuttled ride. The first two sections are fairly smooth and fast, the third section is pretty technical with lots of rocks and rock gardens. Unless you have a fair amount of technical mountain biking experience, stay away from this trail.

Jim H., 6/25/2015

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