Lundy Canyon

While there are many magnificent canyons along the eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada, few present such awesome scenery in such an easily packaged bundle as found in Lundy Canyon.

Lundy Canyon has some of the Eastern Sierra’s best waterfalls, wildflowers and fall color. The abundant aspens turn bright hues of yellow and gold from late September through mid-October each year. The numerous lush meadows host excellent wildflower displays, columbine being particularly productive. Lundy Canyon’s waterfalls are some of the best in the Sierra. Mill Creek, which forms the main waterway through the canyon, has two particularly large cataracts on it, one near the beginning of the trail and another near the point where the trail begins to climb out of the canyon. Massive cascades tumble down the sides of the canyon as well. The most notable of these is the outlet falls coming from Burro Lake, which is nestled in a high glacial cirque on the north side of the canyon and the falls the flows out of the Twenty Lakes Basin, near the western end of the canyon.

All of this can be accessed with relative ease off of highway US 395 just a few minutes north of the the town of Lee Vining.

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Latitude: 38.0286222 Longitude: -119.2298126 Elevation: 7808 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Hiking, camping, fishing, wild flower viewing and fall colors galore!

Seasons Accessible

Lundy Canyon is easily accessible spring, summer and fall, and requires more adventurous travel and explorations for travelers during the winter with cross country skis and snowshoes.


Wildflowers are artistically splashed throughout the canyon right now. ..a breathtaking spectacle, with melodious bird calls and songs that orchestrate the background sounds.

judyb, 6/21/2013

Excellent trail. Fall colors, especially the aspens, stunning Oct 2013! Will post images at under Xplor California. Inyo National Forest is a California Gem!

XplorMor, 10/29/2013

Let the eyes enjoy this wonderland and the body will thank you, not to be missed.

W.Shipp HB,Ca. , 10/27/2016

I love lundy canyon it's so pretty

alexa, 5/31/2019

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