Manzanita Lake Camping Cabins

The rustic Manzanita Lake Camping Cabins are located around Manzanita Lake, near the northwest entrance to the Lassen Volcanic National Park and provide convenience, economy, and security. Lassen Volcanic National Park is often described as “California’s Yellowstone,” for its many amazing geological features such as bubbling mud, hissing fumaroles, boiling lakes and unimaginably beautiful colors.  You can hike to the top of an active volcano, tread a cinder cone, visit unworldly places or picnic by serene alpine lakes.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is a place of wonderment, inspiration and recreation. Here, the earth’s internal forces bubble, spit, boil and hiss to the surface in fascinating displays. The striking beauty of this volcanic activity is exciting to watch, and the curious visitor can see all four types of volcanoes (cinder cone, shield, composite and lava dome) in the national park.

The 20 cabins at Manzanita Lake Camping Cabins, some with views of the lake, are the first new accommodations in Lassen Volcanic National Park since 1972, and are available in three models: 2 Room, 1 Room, and Bunk Style. Each cabin includes bed(s), propane heater, lantern, a bear proof box, fire ring, and picnic table. ADA accessible cabins are also available.

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Latitude: 40.536862 Longitude: -121.570566 Elevation: 5863 ft
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Number of Camp Sites


Campground Style


Maximum Number of People Cabin or Fire Lookout May Accommodate


Nightly Fee


Maximum Length of Stay Allowed

14 nights

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Driving Directions

There are five separate entrances to Lassen Volcanic National Park, and one main park road which runs North-South through the park. The main park road runs between the Northwest (Manzanita Lake) park entrance and the Southwest park entrance.

The Northwest entrance that leads to Manzanita Lake is approximately 50 miles east on Highway 44, and approximately 180 miles west via 395 and Highway 44.

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

California Guest Services is a family owned business operating since 1975.

Pet Friendly Notes

Leashed dogs are welcome in your campsite, but are not permitted inside the cabins.

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