Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) Bridgeport, CA

The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) was established in 1951 as a Cold Weather Battalion with a mission of providing cold weather training for replacement personnel bound for Korea. After the Korea conflict the name was changed to the Marine Corps Cold Weather Training Center. As a result of its expanded role it was renamed the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in 1963.

MCMWTC operated on a full time basis until 1967 when it was placed in a caretaker status as a result of the Vietnam War. The training center was reactivated to a full-time command on May 19, 1976. Today, trainees typically head for the mountains of Afghanistan, where mountain warfare expertise again is a top priority.

Thousands of trainees each year from all branches of the U.S. armed forces, as well as from nations such as Britain, Norway, Sweden, Chile, Peru, Israel, Argentina, Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, Canada, and Germany have completed courses since 2001. Instructors from Mountain Leader courses have also deployed to Afghanistan to train the Afghan army.

The MCMWTC is currently staffed with approximately 250 Marines and 50 Civilian-Marines, all permanent personnel. When training units are present, as many as 1,700 personnel are on-board.

MCMWTC is located on California Highway 108 at Pickel Meadow. The center is 21 miles northwest of Bridgeport, CA, and 100 miles south of Reno, NV. The center occupies 54,000 acres of Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest under management of the U.S. Forest Service. A letter of agreement between the Forest Service and the Marine Corps permits the use of the area to train Marines in mountain and cold weather operations.

Elevation on base ranges from about 6,800 feet to nearly 11,500 feet above sea level, making it an exceptionally dry climate (15-30 percent humidity). Winters are harsh and long, typically providing six to eight feet of snow pack for trainees to maneuver in the snow on skis, snow shoes, and build snow caves. Summers are moderate and breezy, though temperatures can reach into the 90s.

For scenic value, few places can compare to MCMWTC and the surrounding areas. Yosemite National Park is only an hour south of the base, and Lake Tahoe is about two hours to the north. Numerous lakes and streams are in and around the base, and the surrounding region is known for trophy-trout fishing and outdoor recreation.

For the outdoor adventurer, this is paradise. Bachelor housing is located on base and boasts the best mountain views of any Marine Corps military housing anywhere!

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Latitude: 38.3579624 Longitude: -119.5117986 Elevation: 6773 ft
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About this Establishment

The MCMWTC is one of the Corps’ most remote and isolated posts. The MCMWTC conducts formal schools for individuals and battalion training in summer and winter mountain operations. The training emphasizes development of both individual and unit mountain skills with primary emphasis on enhancing overall combat capability.

Marines at the Center are also involved in testing cold weather clothing, equipment, human performance, rough terrain vehicles, and developing doctrine and concepts to enhance the Corps' ability to fight and win in mountain and cold weather environments.

MCMWTC conducts eight Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF)-level exercises per year, titled Mountain Warrior. The purpose of Mountain Warrior is to provide a training and limited assessment package that challenges the MAGTF and its subordinate elements to plan and perform critical tasks across the warfighting functions in cold weather and at medium to high altitudes in complex, compartmentalized terrain.

Current Training Programs at MCMWTC include:

1. Summer Mountain Leaders Course (SMLC)
2. Winter Mountain Leaders Course (WMLC)
3. Mountain Operations Staff Planners Course (MOSPC)
4. Mountain Medicine (MMED)
5. Cold Weather Medicine (CWM)
6. Mountain Survival (MSRV)
7. Mountain Scout Sniper Course (MSSC)
8. Mountain Command, Control, and Communications Course (MCCC)

Time Period Represented

1951 - Present

Hours Open

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Seasons Open



I was one of many Marines to serve at Pickel Meadows. It is sad for me that many of the Officers names have been lost to me due to time and place. When I arrived at Cold Weather Camp it was far from being what you might call a legitimate camp as far as living quarters were concerned, Sadly I don’t see the name of Lt Barnett and his cocker spaniel dog Scrappy mentioned. Lt Barnett was in charge of the Aggressor Platoon that acted as the enemy force against the replacement Drafts from Camp Pendleton. As I remember liberty was not a nightly routine, although 72 hr passes were issued on weekends to Carson City, Reno, Gardnerville. As the camp grew we received the engineers and they started to build Quonset huts which made life bearable, sleeping bags were a valued asset. There later came a change in command in a Marine’s Marine by name of Col. Schmuck who I believe was instrumental in building the base and coming into the 20th Century as a Marine Base. I was moved from the Aggressors to Base Security as I had an MP spec number somewhere on this site I seen the pix of our main Gate Security Hut I have always respected the Colonel and sadly I learned that he passed away as is buried at Arlington as I Believe A Brig. Gen. He was a great commanding Officer I still have some pictures of some of our men. We were a welcome force in that part of the country the actor Rod Cameron was residing in that area, and while on gate duty Boston Red Sox Great Ted Williams along with Jerry Coleman Yankee Player. God bless the guys that made the founding of the camp along with Lt Barnett and Scrappy. Semper Fi

Pat Michael Pepe, 4/15/2013

I was there in December 1951 as a U.S.Navy Corpsman with the Marines bound for Korea. We were snowed in for three weeks.

donald j. capots, 12/21/2013

I spent six great weeks at MCMWTC in March 1983 as SNCOIC of CSSD3. Great camp, great Marines who helped us train and be safe. I carved my initials in the ceiling of the lodge at the end of the road at Pickle Meadows. I hope the lodge is still there and hope one day to be able to return and find my initials. I reenlisted there with a Lt (don't remember his name) and two majors from Indonesia, there on training.

Bruce Stanley MSgt USMC Retired, 11/12/2014

I was stationed there from 1961 through 1964. I have many good memories of my friends stationed there. Those days we referred to our past days as being of the "Old Corps". In ’64 everything in "the Corps" changed, almost 180 degrees, and it was NEVER the same Corps again. I would like to revisit "Pickle Meadows", but from the photos I think I will just retain the good memories I have of the 'old' base with the 'Quanset' barracks and the old TC Headquarters. I know a lot of the history of this base and I don't want it to be ruined by 'modern' attributes.

Robert Hoferer, 12/30/2014

I was with the very first group of Marines to take part in making up of the Aggressor Force. It was September 1951 when there were sheep herders in those mountains. The commander in charge was 1st. Lt. Richard Johnson. Our instructor camp was up into the mountain. Again the name of the outfit The Aggressor Force. We taught cold weather survival and cold weather warfare. We were the first to test thermal boots that were made in Bristol, R.I. I also made my way to Shorty’s Cabins. There were no quonset huts at the time. We had rubberized 3 man tents. Our group consisted of about 45 men. From the pictures I have seen, there are a lot of changes that have taken place. My memory of that place is that it was the coldest and snowiest winter on record. I don't think that there are many of the original people left. I am 83.

John Rebello, 2/11/2015

I was at the old Escape & Evasion school and Cold Weather school in October of 1965 and November 1965, respectively. We flew into Fallon, NAS with the last of the old enlisted pilots in an R4D. Took the scenic route over out of El Toro. Great place. Would have loved to be stationed there but TAC Center wouldn’t let me go.

William B. Marshall, 5/9/2015

I went to Cold weather training at Pickle Meadows in Sept. or Oct. 1951 prior to shipping out to Wonson Harbor.

Alan Latta, 8/5/2015

E-4, 12th Rifle Company, USMCR, Springfield Mo., 1960-1965. In summer, 1963, we flew from Springfield to Reno (I think) and back on a C-130. Two week tour. Mountaineering training and prisoner-of-war exercise. We were captured by a force trained in the North Korean methods. Not particularly proud of it but I earned my last stripe for my enthusiasm during climbing, rappelling, and "skiing" down scree slopes. Best part of the tour. Had summer tours all over California - never the same place twice, but Bridgeport was the best.

Mike Ryba, 12/15/2015

1/7th marines Nov 1964 It was fun I skied before the Marine corp and my buddy Bill from sunapee NH also skied/ 2002 I went dog sledding in Alaska norton sound

Richard Cenami, 12/24/2015

I returned from Iwakuni Japan in 1982 to El Toro. Being single and no connections, I volunteered to be the SNCOIC of a Cold Weather training BN CSSD3 out of Camp Pendleton. We were the last group to train and upon departure, we received over 3 feet of snow. The troops were able to walk out to the highway and bus back to Camp Pendleton. I stayed around to wait for trucks to be rescheduled to come pick up the heavy equipment. While there, I reenlisted at the lodge at Pickle Meadows. I etched my initials into the ceiling of the lodge. I will be going back one day to see my initials and enjoy the many memories of 21 years in the Corps. Semper Fi.

Bruce Stanley USMC Retired MSgt, 1/5/2016

I went there in 84,87, and 90. What a great place to train and get in shape. I was there for the winter, spring and fall packages. Being of Yooper blood I knew the winter package before I got there. Even got to teach some of the classes. That first time up the hill was always a kicker. Some day I wish to go back.

Jeff Roberts 1st Bn, 2D Marines and 4th ANGLICO., 2/3/2016

I was there '62 to early '65. There was a guy who ran the movies. Was that Robert Hoferer? I'd like to visit there even though it's changed. I worked with the fire department and the plumbing/water purification.

Ted Metrosky (Ski), 2/12/2016

I was one of the engineers involved in completing the camp. It was a beautiful spot in the winter.

Sgt Gary Johnson, 2/27/2016

I was in them mountains for cold weather training in 1951 with the Marines. Those poor guys from the South and Hawaii froze their butts off. But me,I’m from Wisconsin so it didn’t matter to me. I still wear those thermal boots when I go deer hunting.

Bob Reyes, 3/5/2016

My brother Marine Sgt Maj Timothy C Tackett was an instructor for Special Forces at Bridgeport ,do not know what year but he loved it

Marine William C Tackett 3/5 1980 1984, 4/5/2016

I have great memories from my time at Pickle Meadows. I arrived from Camp Pendleton late in ’61 and spent the rest of my time until my discharge in '64. The things we were able to do like horseback riding, skiing and playing Aggressor was a lot of fun. It was the best time I had while in the Corps. I was an Electrician and ran the generators for the base. Was good friends with Gil Martinez, Youngblood and Ron DeBolt.

Manny Carcel-Berrios, 4/16/2016 , 4/15/2016

I was in 2nd ANGLICO. 84-90. Went every January for the month to train our our guy 84-89. Our CW training went from Dec to March. Goose bay new Finland, Pickle Mds, Ft McCoy, WI to Norway. I loved the place.

Ssgt Scott Loutner, 5/8/2016

I went through cold weather training there in March 1956. We had a Bird Col. Take us through. Before we went up the mountain he told us, " i prayed for a storm and I got it " it was 15 below and snowing hard. The Col. Had a German Shepard with him and every time we took ten, the Col. Dog would pee on one of our packs. No one said a word, this Col. Was one bad ass. After we returned to Penelton, we were ship to the 3rd Marine Division on Okinawa.

Jim Hargraves, Cpl, 6/15/2016

Winter of 52 spent here in prep for Korea as an 18 yr. old Marine,snowed the whole week we were here

Raleigh Munoz,PFC 6/19/16, 6/20/2016

Went thru Pickle Meadows Marine Corps winter/cold weather training in winter of 1952 as an 18 YEAR OLD Marine headed for Korea,snowed the entire time we were on Mtn.

Raleigh W Munoz,Pfc 6/19/2016, 6/20/2016

My father, Alvin T. Hess was a marine and was there, I believe in 1950-51. I have old home movies of the camp.

Janine Hess Bircoll, 7/1/2016

I was there in the 1960`s and I really enjoyed shaving with shaving soap and brush. No shaving creme from a can. We slept in tents heated by a stove. I really thought I was tough.

James Kuchinski Sgt E5 1957 to 1967., 7/22/2016

Attended SERE course there in July 1964. Snow on Lost Cannon Peak in July. A challenging course that was definitely beneficial.

MGySgt Al Joye, 196-1987, 8/4/2016

I went thru training here with 1/2 Marines December 1984 in preparation for deployment to Norway. The training was great. We went from walking to Skiing some tough terrain and traversing with the snow sleds for weapons systems.

Michael Hair CPL 1981-85 USMC, 8/10/2016



I was with 19th repl draft for Korea. We were at Pickel Meadows during January of 1952 (guessing). We were alert to "aggressors" but saw none. Also saw no buildings. My shelter-half buddie was PFC Richard Hatch. After Korea, he re-upped, went to OCS; first assignment was Instructor-Guide at Pickel; probably in mid-1950s. He was KIA in Vietnam on 3 Jan 1968. I plan to attend the 65th anniv celebration.

Don Beene USMC '50-'53, 9/18/2016

Cold, snow, cold, did I mention cold or snow? Late '52 from Pendleton on my way to Korea. Slept in the snow, forded mountain streams, and, if we had caught an aggressor, we would have killed him (just kidding).

Sgt. M.B. Oxman, 1/5, 9/19/2016

Stationed there in 58 through 59 worked in s4 section. Lived in Quonset huts. The cold was bad. Summers were hotter than hell. Loved the SOS and eggs in the morning. Was on the Marine Corps ski team. Skied Heavenly Valley and other areas. From Wis so cold was not a surprise....I guess. Went through many escape, evasion and survivor exercises. Winter of 58-59 had to tunnel our way out of huts.

Al Lee, 9/25/2016

Forgot to tell everyone about the 1 hour PT every morning and then a 5 mile run up and back on HWY 108. CO was a fitness nut...but he ran and worked out right next to us. Camp mascots were a St. Bernard and a Boxer. Discipline was very strict on the base. 72’s were had every weekend in Reno or Carson City. We also had a base ball team and we played in Bridgeport right next to the general store. Was not much to Bridgeport in those days. There were only about 100 total men stationed there in 58&59 including officers and enlisted. Carson city days were a blast. Got pictures of myself and the royalty from the events. A lieutenant Tatum was our ski team leader. We ruined him in Reno. He was going to be a minister when he was discharged. He never made it after Reno. Hope this gets a laugh!!

Al Lee, 9/27/2016

I was here doing MWTC in 2015 and it was great, some of the best training in the world.

Terminal Lance criminal DiSanto, 10/24/2016

I was there with Cpl. Micheal Hair 84 . I was in C co 1/2 2nd platoon col Parrot was my squad leader I was only 3 months out of ITS camp Geiger (LeJuine) first big trip away from home in ohio . I've never looked back with regret. At 52 now I been to 13 country's and all the states I drive truck and still travel to sight see . Pickle Meadows and the Marine Corps " ruint me " my life's been non stop since seeing that beautiful valley and I continue to explore and learn . Semper Fi

Cpl. Dale Grant 82-88 , 10/28/2016

I was there twice first time with 1st recon as a instructor in mountain warfare .Second time as a student .That was in May of 1975 until July . Then again in Oct. 1975.The most beautiful place I ever saw.Loved being there!

Richard Duvall Cpl., 11/17/2016

I had the pleasure of doing the Rock Package in September ’80 and the Cold Weather package in March ’81. We were in tents near what is the LZ for the choppers with the pot belly stoves. We burned every pallet we could find during cold weather package. What a beautiful place that was with a night sky I have never seen again. During the Rock Package I stayed behind while the others went to Carson City and packed my gear and went to Secret Lake. The fishing there was great on Salmon eggs (red). I had a canteen cup of lard and ate well up there. During the Cold Weather package Larson and I got hammered at Leavitt’s lodge and had a great time walking the stream in the snow. Night sky was so bright there was no need for a flash light. The Lodge is gone now; I heard it got washed away during an early thaw back in the late ‘80’s. I still have my print of a pencil drawing the owner at the time sketched. I had the chance to go back in ’99 and the place changed. There were new structures and the tent city was gone. The old Lodge still has stones around where it once stood and the river behind it was just a beautiful as I remember it. I took my kids and we climbed the small cliffs to the North of the Lodge and had a great time. Gathered a few stones of the Lodge and brought back to Austin, Texas. Still on my fireplace all these years. Sgt. John Wayne Feck, SSgt. Beck, Gunny Combs, Gunny Keyes, First Sgt. Knight, Lt. Webb, Cpl. BM Brown, Cpl. Ben Michael Walker, Lonzo Larkins, Paul “Eddie” Wilkerson (I still own the ’58 Baja I bought from you back in ’81. You guys will always be remembered. Grump out……

Joe Samaro L.Co.3/5, 12/5/2016

I was in the Navy but visited an Marine buddy( Eric "Todd" Hoffman. We went to the nearby hot springs, and also did some repelling down a mountain.

Ed Struble E 4 at the time, Fire Control Tech -Missile, 1/27/2017

I went to Pickle Meadow late 1951 for cold weather training before going to Korea but our bus turned over on the way up so we did not get any training other than just being cold.

Albert Sulfridge , 1/28/2017

I was an Instructor (Red Hat) at MCMWTC 1984 to 1987 with the Mountain Medicine Training unit, I also flew with most of the helo detachments teaching mountain helo operations. I had come there from being a SERE instructor and enjoyed it. I also flew SAR at NAS Fallon, I was a Navy Aircrew Corpsman and had been ordered there to fly SAR at Bridgeport, but we had no aircraft. Capt. McMurray was our Air Ops Officer, was there when Col. John I Hopkins was CO and he made BGen when he departed. It was a great tour of duty. Counted as Sea Duty for rotation purposes for us HM's.

HM1 (AC) Steve Todd, USN Ret., 2/26/2017

I went through cold weather training at Pickle Meadows in December 1955 after Infantry training at Pendelton. I was in platoon 249 at MCRD San Diego I remember it as the coldest place I had ever been before or since. We had to get out of our shelter half tents to fight off the aggressors when they came in the middle of the night. That was the worst of the cold. We had to snowshoe everywhere because the snow was 10 feet deep. We had some troops with us from Louisiana that had never seen snow before. I was raised in northern Illinois so I had seen snow, just not that much. My next trip was to Okinawa foe a 14 month tour Semper Fi !!

Don G. Dimmick , 4/24/2017

I went thru cold weather training at Pickle Meadows in Nov. 1958. Never knew it could be so cold, but it was a good three weeks anyway. Loved the showers. The only warm spot in camp. Had 8 man tents with a pot bellied stove that had to be extinguished at taps and relit at reville. With a storm that came in the first weekend it went to -20 degrees and stayed that way the rest of the time. Thank God for mickey mouse boots and insulated gloves.

Merritt Nellis MSGT (RET), 5/2/2017

I was there twice first for cold weather in late 1954 or early 1955 then was sent back tad with 7th engineers to build more of the base we lived in the quocents visited in 1993 after it became mountain warfare etc. base the huts were gone

john Ryan, 6/15/2017

I was never stationed at MCMWTC. However, I lived only 1 1/2 hours away in Sonora. I have done a lot of training in the area and always loved it. After I got out of the Corps in 83, I spent a lot of time in and around Pickle Meadows. I used to pick up Marines on 108 all the time. It is one of my favorite places.

Drehne Pearce, 18 July 2017, 7/18/2017

I was in the 14th replacement draft, sent to Pickle Meadows in Sept '51 for cold weather training prior going to Korea. Two days into the training a number of us were pulled out and sent down to the valley to work building the base camp. It consisted of three canvas supply tents used as the barracks and mess tent and two (?) prefab buildings taken from old CCC camps of the 30's. I was there from Sept '51 to Feb '52 and we spent the coldest, snowiest winter there in 40 years and I recorded temp of -38 degrees one night. We were snowbound for days as was a train bound for Tahoe to the north. We were air dropped supplies during that time.

Elvin Schneid, 15 August 2017, 8/15/2017

I was stationed there 0ct 64 to Oct 66. Best duty station. We had 98 permanent personnel. One of the memories I had was getting off the Grayhound bust after a 96 hr pass from LA (a 12 hr ride) people would think why the heck are we stopping out here at 4 in the morning? Have that are you crazy look as I walked down the isle. Then if I was lucky, the motor pool would answe the field phone located in the 5X5 hut on the corner of Hiwy 395 and 108. If not, a brisk walk up 108 to the base and maybe a 1 hr nap before duty calls. Those were the days.

David Reber, 9/30/2017

Had to pull a truck out of 9 feet of snow back in winter of76 77

Lance Corp daniel, 10/24/2017

Trained at Cold Weather Training Center at Picklr Meadows about 1964-1965. We lived in 4 man tents with a pot belly stove in the middle.Activities: Balance climbing, repelling , Fording ice cold streams,Sliding down across canyons . It was a memorable time.Had liberty in Reno ro Carson city.

S/SGT Armando Salas, 10/28/2017, 10/28/2017

I, with 20 combat engineer enlisted from the 7th Engineer Battalion at Camp Pendleton, was at the camp from 10/2/63 thru 1/21/64. Our task was that of erecting a gymnasium butler building with a full size basketball court. All 21 of us enjoyed every minute of the assignment, despite the fact that extremely heavy snows hampered our efforts during the entire period! Special note: General Krulak, then the CO of Camp Pendleton, and his family made a surprise visit to the camp during the Christmas holidays. We were totally "bare" of staff for the visit, but Colonel Wilkenson, the MCCWTC CO, made the visit as smooth as silk.

Donald Long, then a 2nd LT, 11/1/2017

Happy Birthday Everyone Plt 357 MCRD San Diego 1957 MCCWT Bridge Port 1958-1959

Al Lee , 11/10/2017

Where are the Marines that were stationed there from September, 1953 through July, 1954. I’d sure like to hear from someone I served with during that time period.

SGT. Mitchell Witek, 11/25/2017

The 47th Rifle Company reservists of Louisville KY spent 2 weeks summer training there in 1961. We flew from Louisville to the Naval Air Station at Fallon NV. Rigorous training in beautiful setting. Weekend in Reno.

Joe Decker. 11/25/2017, 11/26/2017

I was one of the bus drivers from camp Pendleton from ’60 to '64 that drove the troops there. I was there when Sargent Smith opened the mess hall so drivers and troops could eat after a full day on the road. It sure was cold!

John hanno n col e4, 12/4/2017

I am so happy to find this web site. My husband, Jack Noble, was a Marine from Minnesota and he was one of the gentlemen from northern climates selected to teach winter survival. He loved it and speaks quite fondly of breaking trails and aggressor camps. Hoping to head to Bridgeport in the spring of 2018 to see it with him. He was there in 1952-55 and will turn 85 in June of 2018.

Ginger Downing, 1/13/2018

Hi, Ginger; I’m Mitch Witek and was stationed at Pickel Meadows from September, 1953 thru July, 1954 and was assigned aggressor duty at a camp located approximately five miles from the main base.We pulled liberty in Reno, Carson City and Lake Tahoe on our days off. My wife and I visited the area 15 years ago. Your husband will be amazed on how Carson City changed. I also have a couple of entries above that you may want to look at, I'm glad to have heard from someone that was there when I was. Who knows maybe your husband I pulled liberty together?? By the way my wife is from Forest Lake, Minnesota. I was 82 this passed November.

Mitchell Witek, 1/20/2018, 1/20/2018

Thank you for your response, Mitch. Jack has told me stories of hitchhiking to LA (among other places), so if you were dumb, er, adventurous enough to participate in trips like this, Jack was probably on the trip with you! He was a cook in the camp and had the misfortune of having a stove explode in his face. I just checked with him and he was in the Marines from January 1953 to January of 1956, so you were at winter camp together. He went through basic training in San Diego. Broke his heart when he was not sent to Korea, but he speaks quite fondly of his time at Bridgeport. I will look for your entries, Mitch.

Ginger Downing, 1/28/2018

Was sent to cold weather training at Pickle Meadows 3-57. I asked " why me" -"- cause your from North Dakota" had great time- can't believe how stupid some of the troop were - cause they weren't from Dakota --A-1-7

Maddock, Patrick J., 2/4/2018

I was a red hat there 80 / 83. Col WH Osgoog was CO of the base. maj. Robinson CO of instructors. Capt. abbot was OIC and I was NCOIC of the 1st Mountain Leaders Coarse both winter and Summer. Sgts. Kilroy, Reilly , and Secord instructors. What a great posting and job was back in 2008 to visit with family. Miss the USMC. Became a HS science teacher due to the love of the mountains I gained there.

Matt Williams, 2/10/2018

Went through SERE training Jan&Feb 1966. I was in MACS-8 and at this time MACS-5 at New River in NC. Why they sent someone from the air wing was beyond me. I finished the course as top enlisted man. I still proudly display my placque. The old snowshoes that we were issued was a form of torture. Those who did the training will never forget the final night crossing the river on those ropes. Its been too long to remember names but the memories with my group I will never forget. Was a corporal at the time but got out as Sgt. Ray Folley from Fairmount, Indiana.

Sgt. Ray Folley, 4/6/2018

Are the story’s about strange shit happening at Bridgeport on Devils incline true?

Steve, 5/19/2018

@Steve No, but Mono County is a very strange place.

Randy, 6/6/2018

I was stationed at cold weather, as an instructor guide from 55 and 56, 2 of the best years of my life. I felt that I made a difference when I met a fellow Marine years later and he told me that he never would have survived Korea had it not been for Pikel Meadows and the training he had received there. It makes me feel good to know I might have made a difference.

George Leonard , 6/6/2018

My father Duke Holmes passed away a few weeks ago. He was stationed at "Cold Weather Battalion" he used to call it as a cook during the Korean War. So, he didn't have the struggles there that you gentlemen have had. He talked about Pendleton but his favorite duty assignment was in Pickle Meadows. He loved the mountains.

Mark Holmes, 6/21/2018

My name is James V. Ruiz, I served with "g" co. 5th regimental combat team in Korea from 7/289/1950 to 09/16/1951 made the landing at Wolmi-do served in the battle at Hagaru-Ri and the Chosin Resrvoir, I returned to the states, after a 10 day leave at home in Dallas, Texas I returned to Camp Pendleton and was sent to Bridgeport CA to set up a base for cold weather training later on it was named Pickle Meadows. the ground was frozen solid and we could not set up our tents. I believe that Ted Williams went to pickle meadows for training 1n 1952 oir

J.V. Ruiz, 7/25/2018

My name is Anthony Missaggia. I too was stationed at MCMWTC for 30 days cold weather training in Jan 1984 with STA PLT 2nd Bn 7th Marines. Great experience! Amazing group of fellow Leatherneck! Semper Fi, Mac

Anthony Missaggia , 8/5/2018

Hi; Pat M. Pepe; When I was stationed at Pickle Meadows and under the command of Barnett, he was a Capt. at the time, as for Scrappy he was chasing a truck on its way to the aggressor camp when he was hit and killed. I was stationed there for the winter of 1953/1954. I enjoyed being stationed there until July, 1954. Hope your able to see this up-date, if you want additional information let me know.

Mitch Witek 8/11/2018, 8/11/2018

I got to Pickel Meadows Jan 1954. Lt. Col Donald "BUCK" Schmuck was CO. My MOS 0141 personnel. I worked in the Battalion Headquarters Quocent hut. I assigned duty for all incoming personnel. I did orders, DD214, manifest of 18,000 Marines who came from Pendleton on Buses. I played baseball for Lt Donald Harrison in Reno Industrial league. My 2nd CO was Col Clayton Totman he was stationed in Shanghai, China 1937. Lt. Col Schmuck fought across the Pacific & Chosen in Korea. Semper fi to all those Marines who trained or served @Pickel Meadows.

Cpl Jackie Lindsey, 11/27/2018

Is this in an actual National Geographic? My father in law was there in 58 and I would like to have it in full print for him. Thanks in advance.

Kara, 12/6/2018

Went through the Survival School in February 1964, with 19 other Marines from Camp Lejeune. Most of us had never been on snow ski's. Taught us the basics of moving and surviving in extremely cold weather.

Colonel W. Steve Cochran, Retired in 1993., 1/18/2019

I was there in early 1956, coming from Michigan where we had many inches of snow and "cold" below temps. As I recall, we were there for 7-10 days and slept in sleeping bags, dug into the snow. Snow shoes were the footwear I remember and it was Hell to get on your feet following hitting the deck to counter the aggressors, firing blanks. Quite an experience and damn glad I was included. THANKS TO ALL, CLARK

Sgt. Clark L Wideman, 1955-1959, Active Duty, 1/30/2019

While assigned to Marine corps test unit one based at Camp Horno on Camp Pendleton my unit went to Pickle meadows for cold weather training during the winter of 1957-58. I do not remember any buildings. We slept in sheterhalfs in sleeping bags. Our meals were c-ration only. The temps were very cold . I recall it being a court Marshall offense to be away from ones tent and not on snow shoes. The snow could be as much as twenty feet deep and very powdery. I think we stayed for about ten days and survived an experience that none of us will ever forget..

Cpl. Wayne Parkin usmc retired, 2/5/2019

I was stationed there from August 1978 - August 1979 LtCol John Wayne Guy was the Commanding Officer. Semper Fi Danny L. Baker GySgt. USMC (Ret.)

Danny Baker, 2/20/2019

I was at PICKLE Meadows Jan. 1952 , mess hall burned down week before i got there. My platoon was 272. My home town is Wilmont, Mn.56185

Stanley L. Hoffman, 3/19/2019

After my sea going tour on USS Lexington was assigned to CWTC and the five of us being transferred said "where". Well we found out and for my last two years active duty 1957-1958 it was a truly remarkable assignment. CO was demanding as we ran up Hwy 108 and back. Played on the baseball team and we won Reno Industrial League in 1958 with Capt. Labas. Aggressor duty was always challenging and as permanent personnel were always challenging the guys coming up for training in softball down in the meadows. Old Q huts are gone I believe, and winters were always interesting with the stoves that may or may not blow up. Loved the place and hope to get back. Wil Carothers Sgt

Wilfred Carothers Sgt, 6/8/2019

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