McKinley Grove Giant Sequoias

Located in the Sierra National Forest, McKinley Grove is a secluded and uncrowded Giant Sequoia grove near Shaver Lake, California. While California’s Coastal Redwoods are the world’s tallest trees, Giant Sequoias are the world’s largest, with trees averaging 15 feet in diameter and 250 feet tall.

The Giant Sequoia tree is currently only found in 75 isolated groves on the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada, within a 260-mile range. Giant Sequoias are among the world’s oldest living things, with the largest on record measuring over 300 feet tall and 56 feet in diameter, and the oldest tree at 3,500 years old!

Enjoy a picnic among these magnificent ancient trees, stroll through the grove on the paved nature trail, take some amazing photographs, or simply relax in this cool, shady grove.

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Latitude: 37.021613 Longitude: -119.100394 Elevation: 6734 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

-Picnic area and restroom facilities
-Nature walk, wildflower and wildlife spotting
-Great stopping off point on your way to Wishon Lake, Dinkey Creek Wilderness, John Muir Wilderness

Seasons Accessible

May through September (depending on weather). McKinley Grove Road (Road 11S40) may be impacted in winter. Call ahead to ensure access to the grove: 559-855-5355, High Sierra Ranger District.



ADA Accessibility Notes

There is a paved nature trail that winds through the Giant Sequoia trees, making it accessible for persons with disabilities.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are allowed, on leash, throughout the Sierra National Forest. Please pick up after your pet, and do not permit your pets to chase wildlife.


Very informative. I learned things I'll share at work!

Deb Bell, 9/7/2016

I want to go!

Julie Redmond, Richfield, MN, 9/8/2016

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