Mosquito Road Bridge

The February 23, 1995 edition of the Mountain Democrat (Placerville, California) has an article about the Mosquito crossing:

"According to the El Dorado County History of 1883 by Paolo Sioli, 'Mosquito is connected to Placerville by a good wagon-road and a suspension bridge across the South Fork of the American River, a trail is running in the direction of Kelsey, the township center... The original bridge was constructed in 1867, and according to Orval Beckett, as quoted in the booklet, Mosquito Memories, 'This original bridge had no banisters on the sides. It was a suspension cable with No.14 telephone wires strung between the supports. When you drove onto the bridge, it would 'swing and sway' much like we have seen in the movies. When one end went down the other went up. Imagine the thrill!'"

Replaced by Mosquito Road in 1939 - Placerville, California, USA.

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Latitude: 38.77581 Longitude: -120.74854 Elevation: 1324 ft
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Mary Cory

Length of Byway or Route

Bridge 61.30m

Eco-Friendly Notes

Remains in use

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Pet friendly


If you have acrophobia, don’t expect to drive Mosquito Road, or even get close to the bridge.

Susie Orelli, 2/13/2012

The first thing I want to mention is to be sure the car in front of you has cleared the bridge before you enter. Next, I would like to bust apart that giant boulder downstream a bit that has a huge gold nugget under it. Like in the movie ’Pale Rider'. ;-)

Fred Glinski, 2/1/2013

Mosquito road bridge is designed to be an earthquake proof type of bridge.

Amy L. Ingalls, 9/22/2013

Been in Garden Valley 43 years and went over the Mosquito Bridge coming down from Mosquito for the first time ever two weeks ago. Went to Mosquito using Rock Creek Rd. A gorgeous trip both ways. A nice community.

Lorna Hardin, 11/27/2014

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