Nelder Grove Campground

Nelder Grove is located within the Sierra National Forest. On a dirt road. The last 1/4 mile is narrow and steep and is NOT recommended for motor homes or long trailers. Reservations are not taken. Out-houses are provided, but running water is not available.

Trash-in, Trash-out area.

An interpretive area is located near the campground. Several trails can be accessed from here. Shadow of the Giants Trail (1 mile loop), Bull Buck Trail (1/2 mile-one way), Chimney Tree Trail (1 mile+ loop), Graveyard of the Giants, Hawksworth Tree and the Granddad Tree can be accessed from the same trail (3 miles-one way).

A small creek flows through the campground (California Creek). The area tends to not draw the crowds that Mariposa Grove does. It is more rustic and quiet.  Pure bliss.

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Latitude: 37.4287627 Longitude: -119.5834351 Elevation: 5295 ft
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Brenda Negley

Number of Camp Sites

5 drive-in sites and 2 walk-ins

Campground Style


Nightly Fee


Maximum Length of Stay Allowed

2 weeks

Driving Directions

From Oakhurst head north on highway 41. Turn right on Road 632 (Sky Ranch Road). After about 7 miles take a left on Road 6S47Y. In about a mile you will reach a "Y". To get to the Shadow of the Giants trail take a left (1/2 mile to go), to get to the campground and other trails take a right. Be sure to follow the signs. In about 1/2 mile turn left. This last road can be narrow and a bit steep in areas... you are almost there. Pass the interpretive area and the campground is just beyond that.

Pet Friendly Notes

Leashed animals are allowed. Please scoop the poop.


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Brenda Negley, 6/17/2010

Beautiful surroundings. Amazing trees that tower above you; deep darkness at night, and .brilliant stars overhead. If you have a problem with insects be aware that bees, mosquitoes and gnats are abundant. The port-a-potties are full of them too. But that's the wilderness for you. Signs clearly state that campfires are banned due to the high fire risk, so I didn't make one, but everyone around me did, which I found odd.

Wael, 8/6/2016

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