OH! Ridge

Why the OH!, what does it mean?

When entering the June Lake Loop on State Hwy 158, the first sharp turn is named OH! Ridge. It brings into view the towering Sierra and Carson Peaks and June Lake below. It is the suddenness of the appearance of this beauty that evokes a spontaneous "OH!" (Mono County Tourism Commission)

There is much history to know and observations to be had from this particular point:

Rope tows were first established on Oh! Ridge in the 1930s; there was gambling around the Loop in the 1940s and since then it is told that many slot machines reside at the bottom of June Lake; bald eagles are observed frequently flying from a nest long established next to the lake.

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Latitude: 37.795678 Longitude: -119.066391 Elevation: 7679 ft

Recreational Opportunities

There is a public beach, campgrounds, marina, hiking trails, motel and cabin rentals surrounding June Lake.

Seasons Accessible

Year round however, in winter it could be snow covered at times.


No Fees

Pet Friendly Notes

All pets must be on a leash.

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