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Latitude: 35.7201499 Longitude: -118.4357339 Elevation: 2637 ft
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Jenny Hanley


About this Site

The Old Kernville Historic Cemetery, also known as the Kernville Pioneer Cemetery, has burials dating back to 1868 and continues to be a favorite choice for Kern Valley residents. The site is located above the wild and scenic Kern River where it flows into Lake Isabella. When the lake water is low, to the south one can view the foundations of the town of Old Kernville aka Whiskey Flat. The town was moved 2.7 miles north of the cemetery in the 1950s due to the construction of the Isabella Lake Dam. Many of the relocated homes and buildings are still being used in Kernville today.

Legal authority as the Kern River Valley Public Cemetery District was established November 27, 1950 by the Kern County Board of Supervisors. A Board of Trustees, (5) appointed by the Kern County Board of Supervisors, is responsible for the operation of the cemetery. The Historic Cemetery is located south of the newer, modern cemetery.

Take a step back in time to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains and Kern River that first attracted Native Americans and early settlers to this beautiful valley.

Interned at this cemetery include Native Americans, miners, ranchers, and Kern Valley business operators and their families. Many of the ranchers, business owners, and current valley residents trace their lineage directly to the early pioneers laid to rest in this Historic Cemetery. Sprinkled throughout the cemetery are white marker paddles. Some long time valley residents state these markers do not always mark a burial site, but instead were used to enhance the “old west” image when ‘old Kernville was a popular Hollywood movie location during the 1920s and 30's.

Time has taken its toll on this old cemetery. Markers are broken, many cribs are in a state of decay, and natural weather conditions have left the grounds uneven and full of rivulets.

Community volunteers are working to assist with the upkeep.These volunteers are devoted to the preservation of this historical site, the memory of  pioneer families as well as all interred, and to increase awareness of this valley and its rich history.

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1868 to present

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ADA Accessibility Notes

Drive directly to gate.  Ground is dirt and rough, but navigable.

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Pets on leash only please.


Thanks to Jenny and other volunteers the old cemetery is so much more cared for. It is such a peaceful, beautiful place to just sit and ponder life. There is so much history there and it is a valued place for the entire Kern River Valley. If you have never been there, make it a priority, you won't regret it.

Barbara Hinkey, 5/15/2011

Attention: Barbara Hinkley or current Operators: My daughter, Rita Jean Gerard, is buried in the last grave to the right (from the gate); over looking the river. I'm 83 with failing health. If you need any information, please contact me by email. RJG WA.

Roy J. Gerard, 2/2/2017

NOT SURE IF I am related to Joseph Walker but I was told my family is, My wife and myself moved here over 3 years ago no place better ONLY WISH WE MOVED SOONER , AND our church the light house is great also all welcome, Have a blessed day.

Carl walker and , 1/23/2018

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