Owens River Gorge, Pleasant Valley Reservoir and Owens River

The Owens River Gorge is a classic fly fishing, catch-and-release fishing area. Plenty of big fish in this rather small stream. Pleasant Valley Reservoir and the Owens River downstream all the way to Big Pine offer bait and fly fishing all year round.

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Latitude: 37.5546485 Longitude: -118.6066818 Elevation: 6261 ft

Rules and Regulations for Fishing Area

Flies and lures only, with small bag limits in the Owens River Gorge; standard Department of Fish and Game regulations on Pleasant Valley Reservoir and the Owens River.

Hints and Tips for Fishing this Area

The Gorge can be a little difficult to access, but it's worth it. Local guides in Bishop and Mammoth can provide tips on what flies work in each season. Pleasant Valley Reservoir also has limited vehicular access, but that just means fewer anglers and more fish. The Owens River is small, but hides big fish. Look for eddies and holes or places where the stream has undercut the bank. Walking away from locations with easy vehicular access pays off. Bait and flies both work well.

Best Access and Parking Areas

There is a campground at the south end of Pleasant Valley Reservoir, and a parking lot. Numerous parking areas are available along the Owens River as it crosses county roads heading west of Bishop and U.S. 395.

ADA Accessibility Notes

There is a handicap fishing ramp at Buckley Pond on the Owens River.


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