Penn Valley Smokin' in the Oaks BBQ Cook Off Championship

Penn Valley Smokin' in the Oaks BBQ Cookoff Championship has been held for the last two years at the Penn Valley Community Rodeo Association Grounds. It is held in conjunction with the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition and Cowboy Fast Draw. All three are something to see or experience! Each day is a day of good food, horses and cowboys!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is a fast action timed event with contestants dressed as cowboys mounted on horses riding at full speed shooting at target balloons with special ammunition that pops the balloons.

Cowboy Fast Draw Competition is a timed event where contestants dress up as cowboys using special ammunition that pops balloons mounted on a stand in front of the Penn Valley Rodeo Associations very own western town.

The Smokin’ in the Oaks BBQ Cookoff Championship is a KCBS sanctioned event with KCBS approved judges. The winner of the cook off is eligible for cash prizes and a chance to go to the American BBQ Championship.There is no admission for Smokin’ in the Oaks, however, there is a small parking fee benefiting a local service club. Tasting tickets for People’s Choice will be $10 for five tickets. If you like BBQ cooking, you will love this as it is a memorable feast.

Admission is free with a canned food donation. The canned food is collected and given to the Food Bank of Nevada County. Last year we collected 1,300 pounds of canned food for the needy!

The Penn Valley Smokin' in the Oaks BBQ Cook Off Championship is held at the Penn Valley Western Gateway Park, west of Grass Valley on Highway State Route 20. Take Interstate Hwy 80 east or west to Hwy 49 to Grass Valley. When you come to Hwy 20 head west to Penn Valley.


Latitude: 39.1964759 Longitude: -121.1761093 Elevation: 1428 ft
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Admission Fee (if any)

Free admissions with canned food item.

Ages Festival is Appropriate For

5 years and older.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Shuttles are available for the disabled.

Pet Friendly Notes

No pets please.


It looks like we will be a adding a Dutch Oven cook-off on Sunday as well. Cowboys will set up camp on Sunday and prepare three pots including a main dish/side dish and dessert. Yummy! Really looking forward to this event.

Scott Gomes, 11/30/2010

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