Penny Pines Program on the Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest

The Penny Pines Program represents an opportunity for individuals or organizations to participate in the ecological recovery of our National Forest system lands devastated by wild land fire. A donation to the program helps to purchase seedlings that are planted on National Forest lands to help the reforestation after tragic fires.

The seedlings and resulting forests allow the public to see the results and goodness that comes from the Penny Pines Program on the Kern River Ranger District of the Sequoia National Forest. Those who visit the five to forty year old plantations throughout our district can see the results and benefits made possible by the Penny Pines Program. The program also gives individuals a chance to visit areas that were locations of such tragic fires, and see how such donations from the public and organizations have helped reshape public lands.

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Latitude: 35.7216568 Longitude: -118.5549474 Elevation: 6358 ft
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How to Participate

Individuals can visit various Penny Pines Plantations on the district and see how the program has helped to turn once fire blackened forests back to a healthy forest environment, and learn how organizations and individuals can help establish future Penny Pines plantations. Directions to the six Plantation sites are as follows.

Havilah Plantation From Isabella Blvd go South to the Havilah and old 178 junction. Take Havilah road to and through Havilah to Breckenridge rd. Go west on Breckenridge road approx 4mi. Sign and plantation will be long side road.

Munzzer Plantation Continue from Havilah plantation sign west on Breckenridge rd. approx. 4 mi. to rd. 28S22. Go south on 28S22 to Plantation sign on west side of rd.

Alta Plantation From Isabella, take 155 North to Wofford heights. Continue west on 155 to Rancheria and 24S15 junction. Go South on Rancheria approx. 1 mi. to overlook turnout. Alta sign is just off the rd. bank.

Stormy Plantation  From the Junction of 155 and 24S15, take 24S15 North approx. 3 mi. Stormy sign and plantation is on East edge of rd. 

Bald Plantation From Isabella go North on 155 to Wofford Heights. Continue through Wofford Heights to Kernville. From Kernville go North on Mnt. 99 to Sherman Pass turn off approx. 15 mi. Take Sherman pass rd. East approx  17 mi. to Bald Mnt. look out turn off. From there go approx. 3/4 mi.  more on Sherman pass spur rd. to south. Go South on spur 200 feet to sign and plantation.

Mohogany Plantation Continue North on Sherman Pass rd. to four way junction. Turn east on 34E27 go approx 2 mi. to Troy Meadow over flow rd. Turn South on overflow rd. go to the end. Sign and plantation are there for viewing.

With your support we can continue to plant and establish more plantations to replace burnt and scarred landscapes, help to return them back to a new generation of life and reforestation.

Dates and Times

Visiting the area's plantation sites is determined mainly by season. Late spring to early fall are wonderful times to travel through our forest to view and walk through the plantations.

Appropriate Ages

All ages

ADA Accessibility Notes

All plantation sites are road accessible, paved and dirt.


Nice article mentioning the Penny Pines Program in the 5-16-2012 Kern Valley Sun

Richard Rowe, 5/16/2012

I am thrilled to find this website and page and pass it on to fellow garden club members who contribute to the Penny Pines program. Well done, thanks for all the info on where the plantations are located.

Penny YOung, 8/1/2016

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