Placerville Hardware

Placerville Hardware has been a local institution for town folk and visitors since 1852.  In fact, it's the oldest hardware store in the west.

It all started back in 1850, before the city of Placerville even existed, as a frame-building hotel which occupied the same location as present day Placerville Hardware. In 1852, Franklin Stevens bought the hotel, then razed the building in 1854 and built a stone building which housed a hardware store that helped it survive the catastrophic 1856 fire.  Following the fire, the stone building was replaced with the brick building that still stands today. In the first fifty years, the name and owners changed six times, until Placerville Hardware became the official name in 1907.

The Fausel family has owned Placerville Hardware since 1952. Besides hardware, you'll also find several locally made gift items and regional products. The Fausel family has preserved the look of the old hardware store along with its legendary reputation for friendly customer service. When you enter the store you can feel the deep sense of community embedded in the historic building that transports you back in time when local hardware stores were the town hub. Luckily for Placerville, this lifestyle and character remain in old local shops like Placerville Hardware.

The store is open 8am to 6pm daily, except Sunday when it's open from 9am to 5pm.

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Albert Fausel

Seasons Open

Any time of the year is a good time to visit Placerville Hardware.

ADA Accessibility Notes

The store is ADA accessible.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets welcome on leash under owner responsibility.


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Shelley, 2/13/2012

I was born in Placerville 1957 and grew up in Sly Park. Unfortunately have not lived in the area for many years now, but when ever I do go home to visit, one of my stops is always in Placerville Hardware. My favorite memories are the squeaky wooden floors and the homey feel.

SLC-H, 11/8/2016

My family has lived here since 1960 when my parents, Ruby and Ernie Schamun, bought Placerville Pastry from Bud and Evelyn Lacey. We also bought one of the "old" houses in town, the Zeisz house. We moved the bakery to the Bell Tower location. Being raised as what I call a "Main Street Brat" I have always believed in "paying it forward" to our Main St. merchants, one of which is Placerville Hardware. Anytime my father or I need anything and I do mean anything you can find it there...not just find it but find a smile. Try shopping our little might just become a "Main Street Brat".

Linda (Dee Dee) Schamun, 11/10/2016

I lived in Placerville, in the 1960’s...I remember going into the Placerville Hardware store when I was young and looking at all the things they seem to have, I was amazed even then of how many things they had..nuts,bolts,screws,etc..etc...We moved and I have been back to visit the town many times through this years. I love the town. The Schamuns, were like an extended family to me...Linda (Dee Dee) Schamun like a sister...Anyways, this year I told my younger sister that it was time that she went with me to visit Dee Dee Schamun and family...she agreed. I told her one of our first stops had to be to The News-Stand, which has been in the family for several generations and to the Placerville Hardware Store. She could not understand why I was making so much of the Hardware Store...that is until she went in...she could not believe her eyes as it was filled with tools and hardware and garden supplies, bird feeders, cloths, was filled with the kind words of the friendly people working there, offering help, kind words from customers, and of course the pure beauty of the wooden floors,rows and rows and rows of items stocked to the top; we spent a couple of hours just talking and looking at all the different things. Of course, we had to bring a few t-shirts,and gifts back home to Maryland, for our family here, YES, we came 3,000 miles to visit the Placerville Hardware Store! Now how many people do that? The entire town is heart-warming and welcoming! (forgot to mention and of course,Linda Schamun we came to see you,FIRST,LOL) Now my sister here in Maryland, she too tells everyone about Placerville Hardware Store! It is a MUST SEE!!!! And WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!

Jeanie Cox 11/11/2016, 11/11/2016

One of the great historical fun places you can visit, just like the Union Hardware Store in Marysville and both were built during the gold ŕush. Both started in 1850's, Placerville in 1850 and Maryville in 1852. They are still thriving businesses today!

Jim L Emory, 1/28/2017

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