Purple Place Bar & Grill

Locals came here while constructing the dam at Folsom Lake in 1955. At the time it was only a bar with games. The owner used many types of discarded paints which ended up being purple, thus the bar's namesake.

The Purple Place Bar & Grill is a family friendly roadhouse featuring great food, motorcycles, music and sports. Located on the scenic Green Valley Road next to Folsom Lake in El Dorado Hills, the Purple Place is the perfect stop for a bite whether you're on a picturesque ride or just cruising around town. This favorite local establishment has been open since the 1950's and is located close to the Mormon Island Cemetery.


Latitude: 38.703303 Longitude: -121.10416 Elevation: 467 ft
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Pet Friendly Notes

Sorry, health codes don't allow pets, except working dogs.

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