Rocking Stone Tower

This 17-ton geological anomaly was considered sacred by the Washoe people. Although it no longer rocks, it is one of the 25 known rocking stones in the world.

The local Native Americans used this stone for drying food and holding ceremonies as far back as 15,000 years ago. One of the early tribes painstakingly chipped away the rock to flatten the top and curve the bottom so animals couldn't climb up and eat their food.

C.F. McGlashan built the original tower in 1895 and used it to display Donner Party relics and his famous butterfly collection. It was also the site of an overnight stop of the Olympic Torch Relay during the winter of 1960.

The Stone takes only a few minutes to see and is free. From the memorial you have an excellent aerial panorama of Old Downtown Truckee.

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Latitude: 39.3280568 Longitude: -120.1885039 Elevation: 5890 ft
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