Rubicon Trail OHV Trail

The Rubicon Trail, a world-renowned OHV resource, is the birthplace of organized 4x4 recreation in California. The Rubicon Trail is now widely recognized as the premiere OHV route in the United States and has been called the "Crown jewel of all off highway trails.” It has continually provided OHV recreation for over 50 years. At one time, it was revered as the most difficult, rated 10 on a scale of one to 10, due to its narrow passages and rocky climbs.

The Rubicon Trail attracts both street legal and “green sticker” off-road motor vehicles. As a result, users travel the trail on and in a wide range of all-terrain vehicles, including dirt bikes and a variety of 4-wheel drive vehicles, from street-legal SUVs to vehicles built for the sole purpose of driving the trail.


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Latitude: 39.0106475 Longitude: -120.2453613 Elevation: 6152 ft
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Trail Difficulty

Challenging - Many sections of trail require skill and advanced experience

Trail Distance

12 Miles

Trail Rules and Restrictions

Pack it in. Pack it out. Use personal sanitation devices. Clean up your spills. All vehicle codes and laws apply.

Trailhead Access and Parking

The Rubicon Trail has three access points with parking. 1. Loon Lake 2. Wentworth Springs 3. Tahoma located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Users of the Rubicon Trail enjoy the natural beauty of the area and have worked to maintain the environment for years to come. Users practice "Pack it in. Pack it out" etiquette. The use of WAG bags has been promoted for sanitation and blue containers have been placed at the trail heads for easy disposal.

ADA Accessibility Notes

Many people that are unable to hike enjoy the challenge of driving the trail.

Pet Friendly Notes

Mainly dogs and horses.

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