Scofield's Cowboy Campfire at the Red Mule Ranch

Cowboys! Cowgirls! And all you wannabes! Do you like to tap your boot-covered feet to old west music? Listen to cowboy poetry? Enjoy a chuck wagon tri-tip dinner better than any during the “good ol’ days” out on the range? Then you need to visit Ron and Marie Scofield’s Red Mule Ranch in Fiddletown for an authentic Cowboy Campfire.

If you hunger for experiences of the old American West there is plenty here to satisfy you. The Scofield’s purchased a bare piece of land in 1972, and from Ron’s skillful hands grew a living history environment. Not only did he build all the buildings on Red Mule Ranch, but this is also the home of Red Mule Wagon and Carriage works. You can find many of his special carriages, stage coaches and wagons at the Placerville Museum, Coloma Museum, and in private collections.

Ron is well known for his dedication and commitment to keeping alive the old American West. He expresses all facets of the old west through his wagon and carriage building, music, architecture, and of course, his art. Ron is a self-taught artist favoring the style of Fredric Remington and C. M. Russell. His art depicts cattle drives, cowboy camps, chuck wagons, the pioneer experience, and anything that represents the scenes and images one might have seen firsthand in the days of the old west.

Ron prefers to work in oil painting and pen and ink, but has also carved a self portrait in redwood. Ron's collectible western art is showcased during the Cowboy Campfire events, and pieces are available for purchase.

While you are visiting the ranch, roam around, breathing in the western atmosphere, day-dreaming about life back in the 1880s until the smells of the chuck wagon dinner draw you back to the table for food under a western sky. After dinner, it’s time to sit back and listen to world-renowned Western musicians and award-winning cowboy poets. When the last note is played and the campfire is dying, it’s time to leave the 19th century and come back to the 21st century. But, you will always carry your time spent at the Red Mule Ranch and a bit o’dust from the old west in your leather memory pouch. Happy Trails!


Latitude: 38.4869197 Longitude: -120.7074738 Elevation: 2003 ft
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Admission Fee

$45.00 per person, includes a chuck wagon tri-tip dinner and world-renowned entertainment

Ages Event is Appropriate For

All ages

ADA Accessibility Notes


Pet Friendly Notes

No pets please


We shared this fantastic event and location with some of our out of town friends. They were completely taken with the complete authenticity of the site, the food and the show. This is the real thing, it is not a theme park with "artificial history." A treasured resource to be shared with everyone.

Kirk Lindsay, 9/1/2010

The Scofield’s are truely left over from the old west. They sing, dance, cook out, and tell cowboy poetry while listening to the coyotes howl. Ron is a real wagon master. He,s a hand craftsman, horseman, and expert blacksmith. He just completed the restoration a 1914 California rack wagon for the Preston Castle Foundation Farm Museum, made originally by G.J. Yeager of Martel, California. I met him in Ione in 1973, when he restored and replaced all the main street building fronts like an old western town. I've been amazed by his work and craftmanship. I'm the curator of that farm museum in Ione. Thank you to two true Americans that live the dream and love the old west. Hats off to them!

Gene Riddle, 3/16/2013

I attended the last campfire in 2014. I had just discovered the Red Mule Ranch. I have to say I was in cowboy heaven. I loved it there, the outdoors under the stars, the old west atmosphere, the people and the food, and of course the great western music. I can't wait for the 2015 schedule and hope to attend as a regular.

Myra Vigile, 3/18/2015

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